5 healthy canned tuna recipes

Expand your tuna repertoire with these healthy recipes made from canned tuna

5 healthy canned tuna recipes

Source: Web exclusive: August 2008

Health Canada recommends eating at least two half-cup servings of fish a week‘and there’s no easier way to serve it than by using canned tuna to make delicious, healthy lunch and dinner recipes. Try these five recipes to get started or as inspiration.

Tomato & Tuna Melt
This 360-calorie tuna melt recipe contains omega-3-rich tuna and is part of our summer-slim meal plan.

Tuna Provençale on a Baguette
Flavoursome, savoury and full of heart-smart nutrients, this sandwich is sure to become a favourite. The special today: a variation of the classic ‘pan bagnat,’ a baguette bursting with tuna, olives and garden-fresh veggies.

Pasta and Tuna Salad with Zucchini and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
The dressing for this simple, colourful salad has a sweet-sour flavour, which perfectly complements the lightly cooked zucchinis, tuna, tomatoes and pasta. Serve the salad cool, but not chilled, or try it while it is still warm.

French Tuna and Bell Pepper Salad (pictured)
This colourful salad is full of varied flavours and textures. Chunks of tuna, wedges of potato, crisp beans and tangy tomatoes make for a quick and easy summery meal. Serve with crusty whole-wheat baguettes.

Tuna and Tomato Pizza
Add canned tuna to a good tomato sauce, spread it on a ready-made pizza base and you have a delicious, healthy pizza in no time at all. It makes a flavourful change from the usual cheese-laden pizzas.

Note: Visit Health Canada’s website for information on mercury on fish and how to make the right choices.

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