4 Steps to Easy Makeup You Can Wear to the Gym

Want to sweat it out without looking like a hot mess? Choose the right formulas and you can still look polished sans clogged pores or streaky makeup

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Wearing a full face of makeup while getting your sweat on isn’t exactly appealing, but neither is hitting a cardio class without a lick of extra help.

Step 1: “Let your body sweat and rid itself of toxins,” says Toronto-based makeup artist Sabrina Rinaldi, who warns against using face makeup, such as foundation, concealer and bronzer, because it can clog your pores during a workout. “We do this through our skin, so it’s good to let it breathe.

Step 2: Mascara and a nice pop of colour from a tinted lip balm or stain can help brighten up your face while keeping your look minimal, and both should stay put during a workout.”

Step 3: Softly filled in brows will also help add definition to your eye area without the need for liner or shadow, while waterproof formulas will help you steer clear of raccoon eyes.

Step 4: Coming right from the office or squeezing in a class over lunch? Pack sulphate-free cleansing wipes to ensure that you start with clean skin. “Prep your freshly washed face with a toner to balance the pH of your skin and a light moisturizer if you need it; otherwise, go without to give your skin a chance to sweat with nothing on it.”

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