4 Common Fitness Obstacles—and How to Overcome Them

Here's to making fitness obstacle-free.

fitness obstacles

Krista Stryker knows about exercise excuses. In college, she had zero interest in working out. But when she realized she couldn’t do a pushup, she decided she needed to make a change and she launched into getting her personal training certificate “just to prove to myself that I could.” Now she’s designed 12-Minute Athlete, an app that enables anyone to do a high-intensity workout in a matter of minutes. Stryker wants to break down the barriers to exercise, so we can all fit it into our day. Here, she takes down the biggest fitness obstacles.

Obstacle #1: You don’t have fitness equipment

Advice: “You don’t need any equipment. You could do all body weight exercises and get in great shape,” says Stryker. Push-ups, lunges and squats require nothing more than your body, which means that you could do them literally any-where—even on vacation. For an equipment-free workout, check out these primal flow movements.

Obstacle #2: You don’t have time

Advice: “Most people think you need 45 minutes to an hour to get a good workout, but you don’t,” says Stryker. “There’s been research on high-intensity interval training, and basically you can get a similar amount of work done in less time.”

Obstacle #3: You don’t have a trainer

Advice: Sure, going to a gym and seeing a trainer can be motivating, but ultimately, what you achieve in fitness is up to you. Worried about improper form? Check out the app for instructions and videos that demonstrate moves. Plus, Stryker says, “If you’re doing a body weight workout, you’re way less likely to get injured.”

But in order to avoid an injury after a strenuous workout, make sure to incorporate these essential cool-down stretches.

Obstacle #4: It’s too late—you’re so out of shape

Advice: Stryker says it isn’t too late for anyone—even if you can’t do a pushup. “It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from; it matters that you start,” she says.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada