4 amazing stress-busters

Need to reduce stress and beat anxiety? We went to the experts’the finalists of the 2011 Best Health Blog Awards’for secrets you can use today

4 amazing stress-busters

Source: Web exclusive, June 2011

“Spend time with those whose company you enjoy, whether they’re family, friends or colleagues. How can you not feel at peace with the world when you’re howling with hilarity? It’s been proven that people who have more social connections live longer. It always eases tension just to know there’s a listening ear or a helping hand when you need it. And if you add more laughter to your daily routine, you’re distracting yourself from your problems, strengthening your immune system, releasing positive hormones and burning calories, all at once!”
‘ Lisa Bendall, 50gooddeeds.com

“After much deliberation, we’ve come to the decision that our best stress-busting secret is simple: Don’t eat foods that put stress on your body, and you will naturally feel more at ease. By mindfully eating healthful foods that pass through your digestive system easily, both your body and mind have an increased capacity to do their other functions, like focus, heal, perform and rest. When you eat processed and animal-based foods, the digestive system has to exert extra energy to break down all those unnecessary additives and chemicals. So, in order to bust stress or’even better!’not create it in the first place, eat whole, plant-based foods in a calm and present manner.
‘ Bridget Burns, theveganproject.ca

“While there are many great ways to de-stress’yoga, meditation, exercise, acupuncture, gardening, to name a few’the biggest obstacle to true, deep relaxation is our habitual inability to slow down. Learning to relax is a skill that needs to be cultivated and practised, and the first essential step is to NOT fill up all our waking hours with responsibilities and activities. Be sure to structure your life to have completely unstructured time. Then lie in the grass, go for a walk and take some time to just breathe. Listen in and do exactly what you feel like doing’or not doing.”
‘ Chris Savidge, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine at the 889 Yonge

“My favourite stress-busting tactic is simply laughter. Sitting around the dinner table and being able to laugh at the stories and ‘from the mouths of babes’ moments with my husband and three daughters can truly erase any negative emotion. There have been times when I have laughed so hard at their antics that tears have streamed out of my eyes. Being part of a family who can laugh during life’s crazy moments is one of my greatest blessings.
‘ Lynn Brownlee, Mom Starting from Scratch