3 ways to increase your fertility naturally

To get pregnant, start by getting healthy. Here are three ways you can increase your fertility’and his’naturally

3 ways to increase your fertility naturally

Source: Best Health Magazine, Summer 2008

Shedding excess pounds, quitting smoking, drinking fewer than eight alcoholic drinks a week and cutting back on caffeine can all help boost your chances of conceiving, says Dr. Sarah Healey, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility expert at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Here’s the latest research on increasing fertility:

Spread natural peanut butter on your bagel

A Harvard school of public health study determined that women whose lifestyle includes a diet with fewer trans fats and more monounsaturated fats, vegetable proteins, multivitamins and iron were most likely to conceive. Their findings also corroborated that being overweight or obese can significantly hamper conception.

Consider acupuncture

Acupuncture raised the likelihood of conception by 65 percent in women undergoing embryo transfer via in vitro fertilization, according to a University of Maryland review of seven clinical trials involving 1,366 women. While this research is preliminary, it’s something to consider as a complement to other healthy fertility choices. Look for a qualified, well-trained acupuncturist who sterilizes his or her needles (to avoid diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV).

Toss a salad

A small Spanish study found that men who ate more fruits and vegetables and fewer meat and dairy products improved their sperm quality. Other studies also suggest that antioxidant-rich produce may benefit sperm, therefore increasing fertility.

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