3 tips for faster post-workout recovery

Cut down on workout recovery time by refuelling your body and giving it proper rest

3 tips for faster post-workout recovery

Source: Best Health magazine, May 2015

We checked in with Stuart Phillips, a kinesiology professor from the Exercise Metabolism Research Group at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, for his solutions.

After a workout, what does your body need?

Remember the three Rs: Rehydrate (you need to replace the fluids that you’ve lost), refuel (give back the fuel that your muscles like to use best, which is carbohydrates) and repair (give the muscle back protein so it can use amino acids to repair and remodel muscle and withstand the stress of exercise).

What’s a good post-workout fix?

Milk is a good rehydration aid ‘ it’s probably better than your typical sports drink because of the protein content, which also helps aid in repair. Although it can also refuel, it’s not going to do it in the same way a [carb-loaded meal] will. Dairy contains vitamin D, which helps induce greater fat loss.

You’ve studied milk as a recovery aid?

Yes, we studied three groups: those who consumed fat-free milk, those who consumed fat-free soy milk and those who consumed a carbohydrate solution. The main finding was that everybody gained muscle and everyone got stronger, but those who drank milk gained more muscle and got a bit stronger than the other groups. At the same time, we unexpectedly found that those who drank milk simultaneously lost more body fat. In this way, milk provides convenience for the post-exercise period and at a relatively low price.