3 days of camping dinners

Eat more than hot dogs and roasted marshmallows on your next camping trip with this dinner menu from Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Munday

3 days of camping dinners

Dinner #1

‘ Grilled steak (best cooked over a hot hardwood fire)
‘ Roasted potatoes & veggies: Spread out a large, double-layered piece of aluminum foil (the heavy-duty type). Spread on some cooking oil or a bit of butter. Add mini potatoes, chopped onion, chopped red peppers and herbs of your choice, plus salt and pepper. Pour more oil overtop, or add dabs of butter. Seal the package by adding another double-layer of foil and tightly folding over all the edges. Lay on a grill over a low fire or on the barbecue; turn after 15 minutes and cook another 15 minutes.
‘ Salad. Tip: Bring washed salad leaves from home. After washing at home, wrap in damp paper towels and put in a plastic bag. Fill plastic bag with air and tie tightly. This way, the salad leaves will keep for days in a cooler.

Dinner #2

‘ Grilled chicken tikka. A couple of days before you leave for your camping trip, marinate either bone-in or boneless chicken pieces in a mixture of bottled tandoori paste and plain yogurt. Then freeze in a Ziplock bag. Bring the frozen chicken with you in your cooler. Make sure it’s fully thawed before you put it on the grill on day two.
‘ Rice. Cook it in a pot of water on the portable stove.
‘ Roasted tomatoes. Lightly coat in a little oil and grill in a pan over the fire or on the stove)
‘ Corn on the cob. Boil, or roast over the fire).

Dinner #3

‘ Pasta puttanesca. Bring a jar of tomato puree from home. Add vegetables you have on hand (such as chopped zucchini or grated carrots) and olives. Heat on the camp stove, and pour over cooked pasta. Add grated parmesan.
‘ Salad (see tips, above)

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