The 21-Day Program That Will Reset Your Metabolism

Create new healthy habits and transform your body through nutrition, juicing and exercise.

Kirsty Dunnephoto credit: Johan Johannesson

Kirsty Dunne’s 21 Day Metabolic Shape Up program transforms your body through nutrition, juicing and exercise in 21 healthy-habit-forming days. Here’s what you need to know.

1. You can restore your metabolism through whole foods like fruits and veggies (especially when eaten raw), as they contain natural digestive enzymes that assist with better digestion and a faster metabolism.

2. We all have limited time, and it’s hard to decide on cardio, weights or yoga. Dunne has come up with a program that compresses a variety of those principles of fitness into one workout. By building muscle, you’ll burn more calories during cardio. Plus, challenging your body regularly prevents that dreaded plateau.

3. Training at 84 percent of your maximum heart rate in short periods of time helps you burn calories for hours after your workout is done.