10-Minute Tuneups: The kettlebell workout video

Get strong arms, legs and abs in as little as 10 minutes a day. Fit in this kettlebell workout whenever you have time for an efficient workout

10-Minute Tuneups: The kettlebell workout video

The kettlebell is a great piece of equipment to bump up your workout to the next level. It allows for a comfortable grip and a variety of dynamic exercises that can help you tone your muscles and develop full body strength through a wider range of motion.

Beginners should start with a five- to eight-pound kettlebell, and intermediates with a 10- to 15-pound option (personal trainer Eva Redpath, pictured, holds a 10-pound kettlebell). When you are able to get through a two-minute exercise without feeling challenged, it’s time to increase the weight. You should be able to use more weight for double-arm movements with the kettlebell than for single-arm movements such as the Single-Arm Push-Press. But don’t sacrifice form. If you begin to lose correct posture, it’s best to stop, readjust, then resume the exercise.

As always, check with your doctor before starting a workout plan.


Brent Bishop is owner of Think Fitness Studios in Toronto, and the regular fitness expert on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show.

About our 10-minute Tuneups

Ideally, we should be getting 30 minutes of fitness a day. But when time is tight, doing 10-Minute Tuneups whenever you can fit them in still makes a difference. Have fun!

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