6 Yoga Poses That’ll Help Keep You Healthy at Any Age

Try these poses a few times a week to help your body feel good.

Is the Peloton Tread Worth the Steep Price Tag? We Tried It

Peloton's treadmill is now available in Canada, and we put it to the test.

How to Warm Up Properly Before a Winter Workout (and What to Do After)

Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn't mean you need to stop your outdoor workout routine.

Is Lululemon’s MIRROR Worth Its Steep Price Tag?

I tried this buzzy high-tech workout device to see if it could transform my at-home exercise routine. Here's what happened.

Is Walking Good Exercise? Everything You Need to Know About Walking for Exercise

Walking is often an underrated form of exercise—but every type of exerciser can benefit from adding more walks to their...

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5 of the Best Exercise Bikes for Seniors

Here’s why a stationary bike can improve your health and a selection of the best ones in Canada.

Here’s What Experts Think About Stretching Machines

Before you buy a stretching machine, make sure it's really worth the cost.

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7 Ways Anyone Can Become an Athlete

The term "athlete" isn't just for the sports world's elite. Here's how you can bring pro-level quality to your personal...

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Workout Gear, Clothing and Tech That’ll Keep You Moving When It’s Cold

From colourful dumbbells for an at-home workout to a quilted jacket for chilly morning jogs, these picks will keep you...

How Tai Chi Can Help Build Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Despite its slow movements, tai chi can help you strengthen your muscles, stabilize your posture and improve your range of...

Here’s the Average Walking Speed—and What It Says About Your Health

Walking is an accessible form of exercise for most people. But how fast should you walk to maximize the health...

True Story: Dancing Improved My Health After Two Hip Replacements

This is how dance lessons helped me improve my range of motion and stay active after two hip replacements.

4 Stretches to Improve Range of Motion as You Age

Counteract all that slouching, slumping and even (brace yourself) aging by improving your flexibility and range of motion. Plus, learn...

I Need You to Know: Fitness Is Not One Size Fits All

"I hope one day we can look back at weight-loss centred approaches and say, we knew...

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The 17 Best Arm Exercises for Women

What are the best arm exercises for women? We have them all, plus a plan to have you feeling stronger...

The Benefits of Adjusting Your Workouts to Your Cycle

Whether you’re looking to make a personal best or reduce the risk of a muscle pull, cycle syncing could be...

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6 Mistakes You May Be Making in Spinning Class

Here's how to optimize your class.

7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids This Fall

Fitness experts reveal their best workouts to do with the kids to help keep them physically active and entertained through...

Weighted Hula Hoops: What Experts Want You to Know

Find out what health and fitness experts have to say about the latest trend—and where to find weighted hula hoops...

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10 Best Workout Shorts for Women, According to Experts

Kick your summer fitness goals into gear with the perfect pair of workout shorts for women. Fitness experts share their...

Here Are Stretches and Yoga Moves That Can Help Scoliosis

If you have scoliosis, stretching, yoga, and specific exercises may help you reduce pain and strengthen your body.

Pilates 101: What Trainers Want You to Know Before You Take a Class

Pilates is a great exercise for beginners and advanced exercisers alike. Here's everything you need to know before you take...

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10 Reasons You Should Always Exercise with Music

Can't workout without listening to music? You're not alone, and you're probably healthier as a result. Read on for the...

5 Balance Ball Exercises to Improve Stability

Get strong and stay steady with these balance ball exercises. They'll help you improve your stability and avoid exercise-related injuries.

3 Ways to Get Fit in the Water

Make a splash all summer long with these three fun aquafit options.

How Canadian Ellie Black Prepared for the 2021 Olympics, Despite the Pandemic

The Canadian Olympian shares how she stayed physically and mentally healthy during the pandemic, and how she’s feeling about the...

A Daily Stretching Routine for People Short on Time

Increase your range of motion, reduce your risk for injuries, lower stress, and simply feel good with this daily stretching...