Stay up-to-date on the latest Covid-19 news and tips, from how to tell if you have Covid or a cold to what you need to know about long Covid.

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10 Ways to Enrich Your Life and Beat Loneliness

If you feel disconnected from your friends and family due to the pandemic, take heart: There are lots of ways...

I’m Resisting the Return to Pre-Pandemic ‘Normal’—and You Should Too

Phase three, I tell anyone who’ll listen, is based on economics, not epidemiology. The virus is very much still here.

8 Best Physical Activities for Social Distancing

You can exercise outside and avoid coronavirus by choosing physical activities that are relatively easy to do while social distancing.

Michelle Obama Talks About Having “Low-Grade Depression.” Do You Have It Too?

Feeling distressed is common right now. A psychiatrist gives advice on how to handle it.

What the Anti-Mask Movement Needs to Know About COVID-19

Calgary physician organizer Dr. Amy Tan explains how to clean your mask, which kind to choose and why wearing one...

How Covid-19 Is Related to Broken Heart Syndrome

Covid-19-related stress and anxiety may raise broken heart syndrome risk, which can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack.

7 Best Ways to Avoid Maskne, According to Dermatologists

Maskne: Acne caused by wearing your pandemic mask.

Hayley Wickenheiser’s Message to Canadians From the Front Line

The hockey icon and med student wrote an impassioned post on Instagram about the danger of 'pandemic fatigue' after spending...

9 Rules to Follow for a Safe (Even Fun!) Backyard Barbecue

Yes, it’s possible to still have fun this summer. Experts share their best tips for socially-distanced backyard gatherings.

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Taking a Road Trip During a Pandemic

Here's what happened when my family of four hit the road on a nine-hour drive.

I’m Living in a Long-Term Care Home During Covid-19 — Here’s How I’m Coping

An 87-year-old resident of a long-term care facility shares his hopes, fears and daily struggles of life in lockdown.

Diabetes and Coronavirus: 13 Things You Need to Know

People with diabetes are at a higher risk of Covid-19 complications. Now there's evidence that Covid-19 might bring on diabetes....

9 Tips for Using a Public Restroom During Coronavirus

Have to use a public restroom during Covid-19? Follow these expert tips from wearing a face mask to drying your...

I Had My First Hair Appointment Post-Quarantine—Here’s What It Was Like

When my salon reopened, I was ready to see my stylist. Here's what happened during my first hair appointment during...

19 Therapist Tips for Finding Hope in Dark Times

Battling Covid-19, economic hardship, and racial injustice is overwhelming: These therapists offer ways to refuel your hope.

8 Virtual Events to Celebrate Pride 2020

Here's how you can celebrate Pride Month and support the LGBT2Q+ community across Canada and the globe, during the pandemic.

4 Helpful Tips for Wearing a Face Mask in Hot Weather

It looks like the coronavirus will be around all summer long, so we'll be wearing a face mask all summer...

Work-from-Home Rules Everyone Needs to Follow

An etiquette expert shares tips for being as professional as possible.

Zoom Burnout Is Real—Here Are 7 Therapist Tips For Making Hangouts Better

Weekly Zoom meetings seemed great at first—and then they suddenly became a hassle. We asked experts how to make Zoom...

Antibacterial Soap vs. Regular Soap: Which Should You Be Using?

Turns out when it comes to fighting the novel coronavirus—and in general—there's a clear winner.

The Latest Face Mask Rules and How Often to Wash Them

Wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic has become a daily practice. Here's what the Government of Canada and...

Can You Catch Coronavirus From Swimming?

Pools, beaches, and lakes are starting to open. Here's what you need to know to stay safe from coronavirus and...

How Will Fitness Studios Operate During Covid-19?

After being closed for over two months, independently-owned fitness studios and gyms are starting to reopen in Canada.

How I’m Managing My Eating Disorder During Coronavirus

Registered dietitian, Alana Kessler, shares how managing her eating disorder, bulimia, adds an extra level of difficulty to coronavirus quarantine.

18 Outdoor Games & Activities That’ll Make Summer 2020 So Much More Fun

Now that many summer events and activities are cancelled due to Covid-19, we're left to find other reasons to spend...

A Doctor Answers Your Questions on How Places Will Reopen During Covid-19

Here’s what may happen when shops, restaurants, hair salons, and offices reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Can the Coronavirus Increase Your Risk of a Stroke?

Doctors discuss the relationship between Covid-19 and stroke risk among younger patients, and what to do if you suspect a...

What Is Dead Butt Syndrome? 6 Workout Moves That Help This Painful Condition

An exercise physiologist shares the best workouts to help "dead butt syndrome"—a painful condition, also known as  gluteus medius tendinopathy,...

7 Tips for Walking Outside During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's how to reduce your risk of infection while getting your steps in, boosting your immune system, and getting fresh...