If You Have Winter Allergies, Here’s Why and What Experts Recommend

Seasonal allergies don't just happen in the spring and fall. Learn about the symptoms of winter allergies, as well as the causes and ways to prevent and treat them.

How to Keep Fall Allergens Out of Your Home

Allergies can be a bother inside your home, too. Here's how to allergy-proof every room in your home — no...

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How to Survive Allergy Season in Canada

Environmental allergies are dependent upon the environment. Here, an expert reveals how to survive the season.

7 Sneaky Signs Your Allergy Medicine Isn’t Working

Doctors reveal the unexpected ways your body tells you that your allergy medicine is not working and the fixes to...

Can You Reverse Food Allergies? What Experts Want You to Know

There's no way to reverse or cure a food allergy yet, but scientists are working on it. In the meantime,...

The Best Allergy Medications and How to Take Them

Allergies getting you down? Get a handle on allergy season with this roundup of the best allergy medications, plus which...

This Wild Veggie Is Nature’s Answer to Fighting Allergies

Suffering from spring allergies and ready for a natural solution? Try adding wild leeks into your menu planning. They combat...

The 30 Worst Pieces of Allergy Advice Doctors Have Ever Heard

How many of these allergy myths have you fallen for?

16 Tricks to Prevent Spring Allergies From Taking Over Your Life

In addition to taking allergy medication, you can enjoy the season and keep allergy symptoms from taking over your life...

6 Signs You Could Have a Mosquito Bite Allergy

Discover the symptoms and treatment for this rare but serious condition.

How Yoga Can Help Relieve Your Allergies

Here are five yoga poses that can help relieve symptoms.

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The Worst Canadian Cities for Allergies

Find out which six cities in Canada are troublesome for allergy sufferers.

13 Ways Doctors Allergy-Proof Their Home

Try these doctor-approved solutions for preventing pesky allergens from creeping into your home and keeping you miserable.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Anti-Inflammation Natural Remedy Gets Another Hollywood Star Hospitalized

The star got anaphylactic shock – not once, but twice – from getting a bee venom injection. It's rumoured to...

The Healthy Reason Behind Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Big, Happy Family

What's the secret to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's healthy family? Sure, they are #couplegoals, but we're talking about their...

This Is Why Not Making Your Bed Can Actually Boost Your Health

In the habit of not making your bed? No problem. Actually, it's better for your health if you don't. You've...

Clean Air Instantly: How To Get Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Allergens on the brain? Give these air systems a go if you're looking to reduce indoor air pollution in your...

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“The Paleo Diet Fixed My Food Allergy Issues.”

Feeling tired, not sleeping, exercise recovery not where it should be, Gail Michalski discovered she was allergic to 18 (!)...

Can You Develop Allergies As An Adult?

Yes you can. Find how why you can develop allergies as an adult and how you can deal with the...

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Everything You Need To Know About Allergy Medications

What's an antihistamine? Do you need eye drops? Is it time to get prescription-level allergy medication? Find out with our...

Sex, Water, Exercise – What To Do When You’re Allergic To Stuff That’s Not Seasonal

Never mind pollen. What if you are allergic to the very stuff of life, like water or the sun? (Or...

How to Tell Whether You Have a Cold or Allergies

Your nose is running, your throat is scratchy and you can't stop sneezing. Here's how to get to the bottom...

What Causes Spring Allergies?

Why do you constantly sniffle when the weather gets warm? Here's what's happening in your body when spring allergies hit,...

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What Do Food Sensitivities Have To Do With Seasonal Allergies?

We asked two experts for their advice on dealing with seasonal allergies

Allergies: How to fight back (and win) this season

Sneezing season has arrived. Don't let it ruin your life.

6 shocking causes of springtime allergies

Little-known allergy triggers may be waiting for you this spring. Here are some surprising ways spring allergies can sneak up...

11 ways to allergy-proof your home

Home, sweet, home may be full of sneezes and sniffles if you don't take some precautions during spring allergy season....

10 ways to help prevent allergic reactions

Safeguard yourself against spring allergies with these simple strategies

The best remedies for seasonal allergies

This fall, try these remedies for allergy-related sniffling and sneezing

5 myths and truths about allergies and asthma

These myths about asthma and allergies are commonly mistaken as facts. Make sure you know the difference so you can...