Apricot and Rum Brioche Pudding

This glamorous version of bread and butter pudding is based on brioche and custard spiked with rum or brandy for a seductive flavour. Sultanas, dried apricots and apricot preserve provide lots of sweetness, so no sugar is needed.

Source: Cook Smart for a Healthy Heart, Reader’s Digest Canada


Servings Prep Time Cook Time Passive Time
4servings 10minutes 35minutes 20minutes soaking
Servings Prep Time
4servings 10minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
35minutes 20minutes soaking
Servings: servings
Servings: servings
  1. Spread the brioche slices with the preserve. (If the preserve is a little thick, warm it gently so that it can be spread easily.) Cut the slices in half diagonally or into squares.
  2. Arrange the pieces of brioche in a lightly greased 1 litre (1 quart) ovenproof dish, scattering the sultanas and dried apricots between the layers.
  3. Place the eggs in a mixing bowl. Add the milk, vanilla extract and rum or brandy, and whisk together until well combined. Pour the mixture over the brioche, then gently press the brioche down into the liquid. Leave to soak for 20 minutes.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). If desired, pull up the edges of some of the brioche slices to make a peaked effect. Bake the pudding for 30–35 minutes or until it is just firm to the touch. Serve immediately. Apricot and rum brioche pudding variations: If preferred, you can omit the brandy or rum and add another teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Recipe Notes

Per serving:
420 calories, 14 g protein, 9 g total fat, 4 g saturated fat, 139 mg cholesterol, 68 g total carbohydrate, 55 g sugars, 3 g fibre, 324 mg sodium

Dried apricots are a useful source of fibre and also contain some beta carotene, iron and potassium. Regularly using dried apricots in recipes and enjoying them as a snack will help to boost your intake of these essential nutrients.