11 Surprising Foods You Can’t Eat on the Keto Diet

To see the results you want, knowing what not to eat on the keto diet is just as important as knowing what you should.

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what not to eat on keto diet
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Even though they’re loaded with nutrients and are surprisingly good for your hair and skin, bananas are basically off the table when you’re eating keto. Why? They’ve got a whopping 31 grams of carbs per banana. Eat one, and you’re almost at your quota for the day.

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what not to eat on keto diet
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If there’s a fruit even worse on the keto diet than bananas, it’s mangoes. These tropical treats have a high carb content, packing in 50 grams per fruit!

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what not to eat on keto diet

Sweet Potatoes

While many vegetables are welcome on the keto diet, sweet potatoes are not one of them. Each one carries 27 grams of carbs. So, if roasted sweet potatoes are one of your favourite dinnertime staples, try swapping them with a less starchy option.

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what not to eat on keto diet


Quinoa may help balance hormones, but it’s off the keto-approved food list for a few reasons. It’s high in carbs, for one thing. It also has a high glycemic index and, as such, takes longer to digest. So while there is a more active version of keto dieting that allows it, usually this superfood is out.

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what not to eat on keto diet

Red Wine

There are lots of reasons to enjoy a glass of wine. But when you think about what wine is made from, it’s no surprise it’s off keto meal plans. High in sugar and carbs, grapes can easily slow down ketosis—and the same goes for drinks made from them.

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what not to eat on keto diet
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Canola Oil

While eating keto does mean enjoying high-fat foods, that doesn’t mean any and all kinds of fat. Canola oil, like most vegetable and seed oils, is not allowed. Better options include MCT oil, coconut oil and extra-virgin olive oil.

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what not to eat on keto diet
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Given that keto is all about healthy fats and proteins, you might think nuts are a safe bet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, at least when it comes to cashews. These nuts may be delicious and versatile, but they’re also too high in carbs to support ketosis. The same goes for pistachios.

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what not to eat on keto diet
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For a diet that’s low in carbohydrates, it’s no surprise that carb-heavy pasta is off the menu. But did you know the same goes for whole-grain or even bean-based varieties, too? Should a pasta craving strike while you’re on this diet, consider making this Zucchini Noodle Carbonara instead.

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what not to eat on keto diet

Maple Syrup

Sure, most diets will restrict your sugar intake, but eating keto means avoiding all forms of the substance. This includes even maple syrup, honey and dates. They’re too high in carbs to support ketosis.

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what not to eat on keto diet


Even worse than carb-loaded fruits for the keto diet are blood-sugar-spiking fruit juices. So, when taking part in this eating regimen, skip the sweet drinks altogether and grab another glass of water. While you’re at it, check out these flavoured water recipes that are beyond refreshing.

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what not to eat on keto diet

Processed Foods

Chips, crackers, cookies and snack foods are all off-limits on the keto diet. Low in fibre and high in carbs, these items do not support the goal of keto eating: reducing carbs enough to stay in ketosis and burn stored fat.

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