The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Use our cheat sheet to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape.

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If your face is oblong

Best Health’s contributing style editor, Ingrie Williams, likes a square frame on an oblong face. Another option is a shape with more depth than width – it can help shorten and balance this face shape. Decorative contrasting temples add width, as do frames with strong horizontal lines.

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Gialanella Sunglasses, $16,

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Nike Bandit

Nike Bandit in Matte Obsidian/Deep Royal Blue, $165,

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Serengeti Carlo

Serengeti Carlo Large Mossy Tortoise Polar Drivers, $280, available at optical stores across Canada

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If your face is oval

This balanced shape has the most choices, says Robert Dalton, a Halifax licensed optician and past executive director of the Opticians Association of Canada. “Any frames look good.” But round frames can also make you look heavy, says Williams. If you want to give your face a youthful lift, choose frames with an uptick at the outer corner.

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Polaroid Twist

Polaroid Twist sunglasses that bend but never break, $75, available at independent eyewear specialists

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Terzagni Sunglasses

Terzagni Sunglasses, $16,

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Oakley Sanctuary

Sanctuary Sunglasses, $180 and up,

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If your face is square

Choose an oval frame, says Dalton. “A frame with some uplift will draw attention away from the jawline, creating a softer look,” says Beverly Suliteanu, vice-president of product development for Wescan Optical. Frames should be wider than the widest part of your face.

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Derek Cardigan

Derek Cardigan Sun 7010 Black, $169,

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TOMS Blythe

TOMS Blythe Shiny Silver Blue Sunglasses, $179,

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LOVE L7003S Black, $109,

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If your face is triangle or heart-shaped

Aviator glasses are ideal for the heart-shaped face, says Dalton. You can also try rimless styles and frames with low temples. Frames with an uptick at the outer corner can also flatter a heart shape, says Suliteanu.

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Carrera aviator sunglasses, $180, available at The Bay

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TOMS Adeline

TOMS Adeline White Black Tortoise, $139,

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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs round sunglasses, $180, available at The Bay

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If your face is round

Create angles with rectangular or angular frames. Williams suggests frames with a cat-eye silhouette. You also might want to try metal frames since the adjustable nose pads will keep lenses from resting on cheeks.

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Kate Spade Deandra

Kate Spade Deandra cat-eye sunglasses, $175, available at The Bay

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Kam Dhillon

Kam Dhillon 303S Blue, $99,

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Bollé Jude

Bollé Jude Matte Black/Argyle White, $130-150, available at optical stores across Canada

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