Summer Backyard Workout: A Complete Routine You Can Do Anywhere

Committing to summer workouts are tough. That’s why this one is simple to follow: 10 exercises with 15 reps. This bootcamp-style summer backyard workout is intended for all fitness levels.

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summer backyard workout mountain climbers
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Mountain climbers

Start in a push-up position with your arms extended and your body in a straight line from your head to your ankles.

Raise your right knee toward your chest, then switch and raise your left knee toward your chest. Keep alternating and pick up the pace as you feel comfortable.

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summer backyard workout burpees
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Summer backyard workout move: Burpees

Begin the burpee standing. Jump up and land in a squat position with your hands touching the ground.

Kick your feet back, so that you land in a plank with your arms extended.

Immediately return your feet to the squat position and stand back up.

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summer backyard workout wide pushups
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Wide push-ups

With aligned legs and back, hold your arms straight and wide at your sides.

As you lower your chest and bend your elbows, keep your body controlled. Inhale as you come down, exhale as you push up.

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summer backyard workout narrow pushup
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Narrow push-ups

Start in a plank, with your hands placed closer than shoulder-width apart.

As you lower your body, press your elbows into the sides of your body. Do this when you extend your arms straight too.

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summer backyard workout reverse lunges
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Alternating reverse lunges

Begin with feet together. Take a large step back with your leg. Drop your hips to the ground until your front leg forms a 90-degree angle.

Pause at bottom and reverse direction back to starting position. Alternate legs to complete the set of lunges.

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summer backyard workout squat jumps
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Jump squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat until thighs are parallel to the ground.

Jump as high as you can, and use your arms for momentum. As you land, gently bend your knees and sink back down into the squat position.

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summer backyard workout high knees
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: High knees

With your feet hip distance apart, lift your right knee as high as it will go and raise the opposite arm. Just like if you are running on the spot.

Switch legs quickly so your one knee is up before the otherlands. Continue pulling knees up as quickly as possible.

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summer backyard workout Russian twists
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Russian twists

Lie on the floor, then elevate your body so it creates a V-shape with your thighs – you can modify by bending your knees. With legs off the floor, clasp your hands in front of your torso and twist to the right until arms are parallel to the floor while breathing out. Come back to centre and repeat to the left side.

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summer backyard workout situp
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Full sit-ups

Lie flat on your back with arms behind your head. Keep elbows wide as you lift your torso to a sitting position, then slowly lower yourself down flat again without changing the position of your legs.

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summer backyard workout dips
photo credit: sonia jhas

Summer backyard workout move: Dips

Position your hands shoulder width apart on a secure bench or step. Slide your bottom off the bench with your legs extended out in front of you.

Straighten your arms and lower your body to the floor until you hit a 90-degree angle in your arms.

Pause briefly and push back up to your starting position.

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photo credit: sonia jhas

Your summer backyard workout trainer: Sonia Jhas

Health and wellness expert Sonia Jhas left her corporate career to launch her own fitness company to help people take control of their health. Sonia is also a successful speaker for companies such as Telus Mobility, Trillium Health Centre and Deloitte, as well as other organizations. She has also won awards, including the ͞Game Changer Award in Health and Wellness by Pink Attitude Evolution and recipient of a Notable Award for ͞Best in Sports and Fitness. Sonia is currently writing a health and fitness book. It will be available in January 2018.

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