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Win At Christmas With These Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Before putting a halt on your holiday shopping, you might want to double check your list because these stocking stuffers are everything!

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Stocking Stuffers, Clinique eyeshadowphoto credit: Geoffrey Ross

Holiday stocking stuffers: Lip shadow on point 

Rich pigment, stored in the product’s cap, is deposited onto the applicator sponge, so every time she opens it, she gets a fresh wash of colour that stays on all day.

Clinique Pop Lip Shadow, $25 at

Stand-out this party season with the right metallic eyeshadow for your skin tone.

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Stocking Stuffers, brush

Holiday stocking stuffers: Spa day every day

Let her feel pampered every day! To use, start brushing at the feet and work up toward the heart, says Fiona Hepher, an education specialist at Saje Natural Wellness. Dry brushing before your morning shower promotes circulation and clears away dead skin cells.

Saje In The Buff Dry Brush, $16 at

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Stocking Stuffers, lip gloss

Holiday stocking stuffers: Red lip crazed

A bold red lip is the perfect addition to any woman’s makeup bag – and this gorgeous lippy stays put until you decide otherwise.

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment, $34 at

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Stocking Stuffers, mini makeup

Holiday stocking stuffers: Mini touch-up

For a little glow on the go, these products slip easily into her purse for quick touch-ups. What’s not to love?

Pixi Beauty Hello Snow, $30 at

Here’s how to make your eyes the centre of attention this holiday.

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Stocking Stuffers, book

Holiday stocking stuffers: A bookworm’s delight

If she is even a touch into wellness, she will love this book. Ruthie Fraser helps people learn how to move in her book Stack Your Bones, which offers 100 simple lessons on how to align the body. From visualizations that help her stretch to exercises that improve posture, she can take a step toward being more mindful of her movements in everything she does.

Stack Your Bones by Ruthie Fraser, $20 at

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Stocking Stuffers, cleansing clothes

Holiday stocking stuffers: Gym dandy

Your giftee will throw these bamboo cleansing cloths in their gym bag for when there’s no time to shower. Twice the size of regular wipes, they contain ginseng and niacinamide to prevent breakouts.

Consonant Skincare Come Clean Cleansing Cloths (3 pack), $21 at

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Stocking Stuffers, Live Clean

Holiday stocking stuffers: Bathing beauty

A soothing soak is the simplest, speediest way to escape seasonal stress. We’re secretly hoping Santa stuffs a few of these new, eco-friendly aromatherapy foams in our stocking, too.

Live Clean Lavender Vanilla Aromatherapy Foam Bath, $9 at mass retailers. 

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Stocking Stuffers. tots bags

Holiday stocking stuffers: Totes organized

Alright, alright. This will not fit into a stocking. But you should pick it up for yourself. This Canadian-made, two-in-one vegan leather handbag has a small purse for evening essentials inside the larger bag, which will take you from office to party. Bonus: It’s big enough to fit everything from work files to the spoils of your holiday shopping.

Jeane & Jax Two-In-One Tote, $100 at

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