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These Sleep Products Will Help You Catch Some ZZZs

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, you really need to give these products a try.

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If sleeping is an issue, these products may be perfect for you.

7.5 — that’s how many hours of sleep the average person needs to experience the five full sleep cycles the body needs (they average 90 minutes each). To calculate your ideal bedtime, count back 7.5 hours from when you need to wake up. The goal: to wake up naturally just before your alarm. However, if you find yourself sleeping through it, move your bedtime back in 15 minute increments until you’re rising before the bell rings.
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Sleep products: Dream weavers

Time for a new bed, but no time to shop for one? Innovative online retailers can now ship directly to you. One to try: Leesa. Started in 2015, this company delivers a luxury mattress with free shipping. It comes in a box for easy handling. And, for even sweeter dreams, they donate one new mattress for every 10 sold. So, it’s a win-win— but I bet you didn’t realize these things might actually be the cause of your sleepless nights.

Mattress (pricing begins around $800),

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Sleep products: Snore no more

Apart from elbowing them, there was no good solution for a snoring partner — until now. Smart Nora is a two-part device that prevents snoring while keeping electronics away from your head while you sleep. One part detects heavy breathing, while the other, which is inserted under a pillow, raises a snorer’s head slightly to help open airways without waking either one of you.

Smart Nora, $300 at

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Sleep products: Waft awake

If the blaring beep of a traditional alarm isn’t setting your day off to a good start, try some essential oils to get you going. The new Saje digital alarm has a clock display, two tanks and a timer that you can preset to diffuse different essential oils blends, one to help you relax at night and one to help you feel energized in the morning. And if you’re wanting to lose weight, here’s how much shut-eye you’ll need.

Aromatime Ultrasonic Diffuser, $190 at

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Sleep products: Drown out the day

Whether you need to silence a leaky faucet or your own thoughts, white noise can be conveniently found on your smartphone. This app lets you customize your nighttime noise by mixing gentle music, wind, rain and just about any other sound you heart desires.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds by Ipnos Software is free to install on iOS and Andriod.

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Sleep products, pillow casephoto credit: clique

Sleep products: Sleep like a beauty

Your face is in contact with your pillowcase for about a third of your life. Invest in 100% silk pillowcases to offer your hair and skin a proper rest. Smooth and luxurious, silk prevents bed head and the nighttime creases that can lead to wrinkles. Don’t forget about how many extra calories you are overeating when you’re sleep deprived.
Lustrous Silk Pillowcase in Queen, $120 (for a pair) at

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Sleep products, pillowphoto credit: Mediflow

Sleep products: Cushion your head

This pillow has a base made of water for support and your choice of fiber, foam or feathers on top to make a plush place to rest your head. The water base responds to movement to maintain support no matter how you move, and it’s been clinically proven to improve sleep. Here are some unexpected reasons why you can’t sleep at night.

Floating Comfort Waterbase Pillow, $50 at

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