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5 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Disease

Even without expensive personalized services, you can reduce your risk of future illness with a few lifestyle tweaks. Here’s how to own your wellness.

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Manage your microbiome

“By and large, 50 per cent (of disease risk) is due to our choices and 50 per cent is due to our genetics,” says Dr. Paré.

Your body’s bacteria play an important and little recognized role in the management of chronic diseases. Noshing on probiotic-rich foods and limiting antibiotic use are some ways to start improving yours.

Here are 10 ways to strengthen your gut bacteria for a better microbiome.

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Get regular screenings

Ensure you discuss age-appropriate screening tests with your doctor — and be sure to mention any family history. From a Pap test to a colonoscopy, many medical tests can catch potential problems before they start.

This is what you need to know about getting a pap test.

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Maintain a healthy weight

Staying on top of your waistline helps reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and many types of cancer. Check in with your doctor if you’re not sure what a healthy weight for your body is.

It can be hard to control diabetes, but these tips should help you manage.

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Hit the gym

Not only does exercise help you manage your weight, it’s also beneficial for long-term disease prevention and your metabolism, and it can substantially increase the length of your life. Plus, exercise is important for maintaining your mental health, which is also key to improving your life expectancy.

6 exercises that will boost your metabolism and burn through calories.

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Butt out

Quitting smoking reduces your risk of heart disease, many types of cancer and lung disease. Smoking causes DNA damage, oxidative stress and inflammation in the body so skip even the occasional cigarette if you want a longer, disease-free life.

7 facts about heart disease that can save your life.

Originally Published in Best Health Canada