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The 10 Best New Health Books To Motivate (And Educate!) You In 2018

This year, make your physical and mental wellbeing a priority. These health books will not only help change your health, they’ll also change your mindset.

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Health books for 2018 that you will become obsessed with

The start of a new year is the perfect time to rethink a few things such as your diet, your exercise routine or even your approach to happiness. If you’re a book lover and life-long learner, glean info and inspo from these brand new health books.

We just know you can slay these 2018 New Year’s resolutions. 

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health books 2018, The Power of Moments

The Power of Moments

In bestselling book The Power of Moments, the authors of Switch and Made to Stick take a look at what makes an extraordinary, memorable experience and how to create more of those moments in your day-to-day life. Use it as a guide to create, meaningful memories for your children, better experiences for your employees, co-workers or customers and a life that’s truly enriched.

The Power of Moments, $39 at

Ever feel frustrated in yoga when the instructor says to “be in the present?” You won’t again if you read this.

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health books 2018, The Good Mood Kitchen

The Good Mood Kitchen

Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or low energy, The Good Mood Kitchen may be able to help. This is one of our top health books because Leslie Korn, a clinician specializing in mental health nutrition, has crafted a guide filled with nutrition tips and recipes — minus ingredients that can exacerbate mood problems. Add it to your mental health arsenal for happier, healthier days and nights.

The Good Mood Kitchen, $34 at

Check out this book too — it will help you be happier and live longer.

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health books 2018, Dirty Genes

Dirty Genes

There’s good news and bad news. The good news: You aren’t entirely at the mercy of the genes you were given by your parents. Instead, you can turn them on and off to prevent or reverse many common illnesses and diseases. The bad news: It’s up to you to change your diet, environment and lifestyle to optimize your health. Use Dr. Ben Lynch’s Dirty Genes to learn how your genetic makeup may be affecting you and how to clean up your act.

Dirty Genes, $35 at

Do genetics determine who we fall in love with?

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health books 2018, Judgement Detox

Judgment Detox

Think about it: What’s your first response to congested traffic, a last-minute change in plans or a passive-aggressive phone call from your mother? Do you respond with understanding or with judgment? In this new read, Judgment Detox, from motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein, explore a six-step practice that promises to set you free of the resentment, anger and judgments that weight you down and build loving relationships with others and yourself.

Judgment Detox, $35 at

Anger can be terrible for your health — especially if you are at risk for this condition.

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health books 2018, Fast Food Genocide

Fast Food Genocide

If you ask Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a bestselling author and nutritional researcher, the processed food we eat in North America is killing us. It’s a core reason for the prevalence of heart attacks, cancer, obesity, autism, allergies and more and has caused a national health crisis in the United States (though perhaps Canada is not far behind). If your diet could use a little fear-induced motivation, Fast Food Genocide may be right up your alley.

Fast Food Genocide, $35 at

Making healthy food choices isn’t as tough as you’d think when you follow these simple tips.

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health books 2018, Ballet For Life

Ballet for Life

When Mary Helen Bowers left the New York City Ballet, she decided to create a workout that would show regular Josephines how to achieve dancers’ bodies — long, graceful and lean. Called Ballet Beautiful, the program is now available in Ballet for Life to help people around the world look more like ballerinas with exercises, posture lessons and even beauty advice. Plus, it’s filled to the brim with artful pictures if you need something beautiful to adorn your coffee table.

Ballet for Life, $54 at

If you love this, then you will love Misty Copeland’s book, too!

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health books 2018, The Joy of Doing Nothing

The Joy of Doing Nothing

“How are you?” “Busy.” Sound familiar? If “busy” is the best word to describe your days, maybe it’s time to slow things down. And that is why we put this on our best health books for 2018 list. In The Joy of Doing Nothing, Rachel Jonat’s slim guide to simplifying and de-stressing, you’ll learn to stop over-scheduling and make more room for yourself, your family and the things that truly matter (a.k.a. not the number of likes your latest photo snagged on Instagram).

The Joy of Doing Nothing, $20 at

Do you say yes too much? This is the trick to confidently saying no. That’ll free up some time for yourself.

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health books 2018, The Healthy Brain

The Healthy Brain

Yes, you can use food and supplements to strengthen your brain and Dr. Aileen Burford-Mason wants to show you how. With her new book, The Healthy Brain, she explores the latest research to help you optimize your brain’s power to improve sleep, work performance creativity and mood and even prevent the symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss and confusion.

The Healthy Brain, $23 at

Physical exercise has this very real effect on the brain. 

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health books 2018, The Little Book of Lykke

The Little Book of Lykke

Perhaps you’ve heard of The Little Book of Hygge (the Danish word for cozy). Well, The Little Book of Lykke comes from the same author, Happiness Research Institute CEO Meik Wiking, and it explores “lykke,” or “happiness.” In it, Wiking travels the world to understand just what makes people happy and how you can bring global practices that promote happiness into your own life.

The Little Book of Lykke, $22 at

You can totally get more steps in. Here’s how.

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health books 2018, Craveable Keto

Craveable Keto Cookbook

Keto, short for ketosis, is a process that occurs in the body when it doesn’t have enough glucose for energy and must burn stored fat instead. It is a very trendy diet right now, and a keto plan is a necessity on our health books you need list. In Craveable Keto Cookbook from “Peace, Love and Low Carb” blogger Kyndra D. Holley, learn how to follow a ketogenic meal plan with 130 different low-carb recipes that sound like the furthest thing from diet food (think Salted Caramel Nut Brittle, Everything Bagel Dogs and Buffalo Chicken Flatbread).

Craveable Keto Cookbook, $47 at

This A-lister celeb swears by the keto diet.