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The Unexpected Health Benefits Of A Tiny House

You’d think a tiny house (especially one at 250 square feet) would make you cagey. But it turns out that a smaller living space is actually healthy.

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health benefits of a tiny homephoto credit: Tara Noelle

Tiny house and living large

In our oversized lives, where bigger always seems to be better, it’s nice to be reminded of how good a modest life can be. And this tiny house – created by Pomp & Circumstance in Toronto, and curated by Deanne Moser – is the cutest way to do that.

At about 250 square feet (the same size as a storage unit or garage) there really is no place to hide. You can’t have clutter, and if there are any issues (with space or your SO) you have to solve it quickly. And there’s got to be something to say about that.

And then there is the fact that a smaller house is more environmentally friendly – there’s less stuff, less energy used and it takes up less space on the Earth. And that means it costs less, which puts less stress on owners about their mortgage and would (hopefully) give them more disposable income (ahem, vacation money!).

The health benefits are interesting, too. As we all know how stress and clutter can affect our physical health. But researchers from Kansas State University are studying the health benefits right now. Their results should be interesting.

Until then, lets take a tour of the Pomp Outpost at The Grange and talk about the health benefits of living small.

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Tiny House: Cozy space

The Scandinavians do home comfort right. With a minimalist design and a focus on being cozy, hygge a Danish word that doesn’t have a direct English translation. But it generally means to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. What is more cozy than a small lounging space?

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Tiny House: Healthier food, healthier meals

If your living space is clear and decluttered (as it would have to be in a small kitchen), you’re more likely to prepare your foods, say experts.

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Tiny House: Sleep better

A bedroom with room for just a bed? Possibly a table with a light and a book? That might sound small, but it’s exactly what sleep experts recommend for a better rest: A room void of stimulating things, like TV, light and, if you can leave it out of the bedroom, your cell, too.

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Tiny Home: Dinner for two

Conversation is a huge part of intimacy. And this cute table for two is the perfect romantic space for dinner, a glass of wine and conversation that’s not about money or the kids.

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Tiny Home: Do absolutely nothing

When you’re staying in a tiny home, there is opportunity to sit back and do nothing. It is one of the recommended ways to de-stress, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

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Tiny Home: Get outside

The best part of a tiny home? When you feel cooped up, you’ll go outside. And hopefully, you’ll go to a green space, where the air is fresh and you might even get some physical activity.