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What Kind of Candle to Light for Every Mood

Scent has a powerful effect on your emotions – anyone who has ever smelled her childhood laundry detergent or ex’s cologne can testify to that. Here's which candle to light and when.

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Feel-good scents | Citrus candle | Candle for every mood


A study found that citrus scents boost productivity, so light that lemon candle and tackle your to-do list.

Try: Nest New York Amalfi Lemon & Mint Votive, $23,

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Feel-good scents | Lavender candle | Candle for every mood


Tricky task? Reach for lavender, as it aids concentration while reducing your heart rate.

Try: Paddywax Lavender Mimosa Candle, $35,

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Feel-good scents | Vanilla candle | Candle for every moodImage Credit: Diptique


The perfect post-dinner candle: Studies show that the scent of vanilla can help you relax and even help curb cravings. Plus, it’s cozy.

Try: Diptyque Vanille $92,

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