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These Are The 10 Most Trusted Brands We Always Have In Our Gym Bags

What’s in our gym bag? Oh, you know, just Canada’s most trusted brands. It’s true! Canadians voted that these are the best!

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most trusted brands best running shoesphoto credits: Shutterstock/Nike

Just for kicks

First, some background. Reader’s Digest and Ipsos conducted a poll with 4,001 Canadian adults about the most trusted brands they use and love. And we rounded up our Best Health faves here. (For the full list head on over to

And now, on to the good stuff. Our first pick is Canada’s Most Trusted Running Shoes: Nike. We are big fans, too. Quick swoosh-worthy factoid for you: Nike was formerly called Blue Ribbon Sports when it was founded in 1964. The above shoe is the new Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit ($255 at

Here is what it’s like to run in Nike’s Air Vapormax.

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must trusted brands best natural lip balm, Burt's Beesphoto credits: Shutterstock/Burt's Bees

Not just lip service

We have always have at least four lip balms in our bags. And you can guess that at any point in time that two of them will be Burt’s Bees. So we weren’t surprised to see the Most Trusted Natural Lip Balm to be Burt’s Bees. Founded in 1984 by Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby, the company used beeswax left over from Burt’s honey business to make candles. But it is now known for the iconic best-selling lipbalm ($4.99 at

Why Burt’s Bees is a “do-good” brand you can trust.

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most trusted brands best pain reliever TylenolPhoto credits: Shutterstock/Tylenol

No pain, no gain

Whether it’s a headache or the next-day reminder of a good HIIT class, this is our go-to. Tylenol won Most Trusted Arthritis Pain Reliever, but any active woman knows that this brand does a lot more. At the pharmacy, you can see Tylenol listed on a variety of boxes from Cold and Flu to Tylenol PM. It’s available at mass retailers, convenience stores and pharmacies.

Here is how to deal with a cold and move on with your life.

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most trusted brands best beauty retailer, Sephoraphoto credits: Shutterstock/Sephora

Lets kiss and makeup

You know those Sephora memes? Totally all of us at the Best Health offices. Sephora was founded in 1969 in – like all chic things – France. Did you know this fact: The name comes from a combination of the Greek word “sephos,” meaning beauty, and the name Zipporah, the most beautiful wife of Moses. The first Canadian Sephora store in Toronto in 2004 – and we haven’t looked back. And the Sephora private label, Sephora Collection, is just as trendy as its other offerings.

In addition to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Sephora also carries sweet Canadian brands, like this one.

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Most trusted breands best energy bars, Clif Barphoto credits: Shutterstock/Clif Bar

Raising the bar

Of course Clif Bar is Canada’s Most Trusted Nutrition Bar. With cookie-worthy flavours, like chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, and more, it’s like a treat that is not really a treat. The perfect post-workout snack was created by cyclist Gary Erickson in 1990. He named his company after his father, Clifford. (So sweet!) Clif Bar is sold at mass and food retailers.

This Clif Bar nutritionist will help you find out if you are a sugar burner or a fat burner during your workouts.

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most trusted brands best drug store Shoppers Drug Martphoto credits: Shutterstock/Shoppers Drug Mart

This gives us life

Our personal and healthcare stuff in our gym bag are pretty much Life Brand – the private label of Shoppers Drug Mart, the winner of Most Trusted Pharmacy & Drug Store. Plus we get Optimum Points for every purchase!

Check out the our fave drug store beauty buys! 

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Most trusted brands best body lotion Aveenophoto credits: Shutterstock

Going against the grain

Aveeno is the OG natural skincare company for sensitive skin (although any one can use it!). As Canada’s Most Trusted Sensitive/Dry Skin Lotion, Aveeno uses finely milled colloidal oatmeal bath to soothe our skin from sunburn to eczema to chickenpox. And the baby line is worth trying too, even for yourself. The Daily Moisturizing Lotion is shown above ($17.99 at

This dermatologist recommends oatmeal for this common skin condition.

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Most Trusted Brands sunscreenphoto credits: Shutterstock/Coppertone

SPF to the MAX

As a health pub, we honestly cannot think of an article that doesn’t say, “Wear sunscreen.” So, you know we have this in our gym bag. We’re not heading out the gym doors without it. For two reasons: One, we don’t want premature wrinkles; and two, we don’t want skin cancer. we love this one by Coppertone, Most Trusted Sunscreen winner, for its transparent application. Clearly Sheer Face SPF 50 is shown above ($9.97 at

These are the worst – THE WORST – excuses not to wear sunscreen!

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most trusted brands best almond milk, Silkphoto credits: Shutterstock/Silk

Smooth as silk

OK. OK. we don’t toss a quart of almond milk in our gym bags. But we do make our morning or post-workout smoothies with it. So, you’ll just have to agree that it should be on our list. As Canada’s Most Trusted Non-Dairy Beverage, Silk was the first faux milk we ever tried, and blended, and made frozen smoothie ’sicles with – and still do. We love that it contains the same amount of calcium as cow’s milk. It’s available at small and major food retailers.

Are you eating or drinking what your body needs after a workout?

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most trusted brands best vitamins and supplementsphoto credits: Shutterstock/Jamieson

From the inside out

Another thing I’ve learned as a health editor: We don’t nearly eat the nutrients we need in a modern-day diet. So along with a daily multi, we take other things like fish oil, vitamin B  and whatever else we feel we might be lacking. Funny enough, they are usually Jamieson, which is the Most Trusted Vitamin winner. Also, did you know that Jamieson was founded in Canada? Windsor, Ont., actually. You can find Jamieson products at drug stores and mass retailers.

Are you nutrient deficient? Find out with this symptom decoder.