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The Best New Sunglasses to Shop Right Now

In honour of National Sunglasses Day, we’ve rounded up the best pairs to shop right now.

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The best sunglasses are the ones you’ll wear again and again

While a wide-brimmed hat will give you some protection overhead from the sun, those direct rays aren’t the only reason to shield your eyes during the summer (and even winter!). Water, sand and snow all reflect the sun back up onto your face. According to, Canada’s largest optical online retailer, polarized lenses are the best for protecting from direct reflective glare. These lenses contain a chemical filter that absorbs horizontal light waves (reflections), while allowing the vertical waves to pass through (direct light).

Here are some of our fave sunglasses to shop right now. Be sure to add them to your summer road-trip packing list!

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best sunglasses to shop clearlyphoto credit: clearly

Eye Love

Love (L7003S) in Black, $80 at

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best sunglasses to shop clearlyphoto credit: clearly

Fade to Black

Derek Cardigan (7016S) in Black Fade, $95 at

Best Tip: Clearly has a buy one, give one initiative – for each pair you buy, Clearly gives one to someone in need.

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best sunglasses to shop marshallsphoto credit: marshalls

Stone Cold

Marble Sunglasses $25 at Marshalls

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best sunglasses to shopphoto credit: guess

Red Hot

Metal Trim Cat Eye Sunglasses, $82 at

These sunnies will pair nicely with the summer party dresses you’ve got lined up.

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Just Peachy

Mood Sunglasses in Peach, $99 at

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Daisy Dream

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, $245 at Edel-Optics

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sunglassesphoto credit: winners

Golden Hour

Gold Sunglasses, $17 at Winners

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sunglassesphoto credit: bonlook

Trending Skinny

Stellar Sunglasses in Shadow, $59 at

Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen around your eyes (and on your eyelids!) when wearing small sunglasses. And don’t miss these other often forgotten about body parts.

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White Out

Kam Dhillon Santa Barbara in White Tortoise, $95 at

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sunglassesphoto credit: marshalls

Blue Crush

Teal Shades, $17 at Marshalls

Must-know: Canadians are more likely to experience these summer health risks. 

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best sunglassesphoto credit: guess

Purr-fect Fit

Veronica Cat Eye Flash Sunglasses, $78 at

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sunglassesphoto credit: clearly

Heart of the Matter

Love (L7005S) in Gold Blue, $80 at

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sunglassesphoto credit: safilo

Retro Moment

Jimmy Choo Sunglasses, $525 at Holt Renfrew

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sunglassesphoto credit: bonlook

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Sunglasses in Rose, $59 at

Now that you’ve got a new pair of shades, you won’t want to miss the best swimwear of the season.