The Best Reflective Workout Gear For Cold, Dark Days

Stay safe in your workout long after the sun sets.

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Reflective Workout Gear

Must-Have Reflective Workout Gear

As the days grow shorter, ensure that you stay visible on the streets and trails in the evening and early morning with these three must-have reflective workout wear and accessories.

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Saucony Tights

Reflective details on your legs will ensure that you won’t go unseen in poorly lit areas.

Saucony Omni Reflex Tight, $110 at 

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Reflective Bracelet

This bracelet wraps around the arm of your shirt or jacket to ensure that you can be seen, no matter what you’re wearing.

Brooks Bolt Reflective Bracelet, $20 at 

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Petzl Headlamp

This headlamp will ensure that you can adequately see what’s on the trail ahead of you and will help you prevent unnecessary trips and falls.

Petzl Tikka Headlamp, $37 at

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