5 ways to fit in breakfast

Got a habit of skipping breakfast? Here’s how to make a healthy breakfast an easy part of your morning routine

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5 ways to fit in breakfast

Eating breakfast has many benefits: It offers much-needed fuel and nutrients for your brain and body, reduces your likelihood of overeating later in the day, and cuts your risk of heart disease and obesity. Breakfast should be a non-negotiable part of our morning routine, but many people feel too crunched for time. Think you’re too busy for breakfast? Try these tips.

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1. Prep the night before

While cleaning up after dinner, take a few minutes to put breakfast together. “Take advantage of time spent puttering in the kitchen anyway,” says Karie Quinn, a registered dietitian in Grande Prairie, Alta. Set out plates, cutlery, glasses and toast condiments, or fill bowls with high-fibre cereal-just add milk and a sliced banana or a handful of berries in the morning. Look for ways to include items from a variety of food groups. “If we’re in a hurry…we only get one or two food groups, but should have two or three food groups, all four if possible,” says Quinn.

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2. Pack it up

Assemble a meal that you can tote to work. Quinn suggests bagging fresh fruit, leftovers or homemade breakfast sandwiches, which you can microwave at the office. For grab-and-go protein, keep a stash of boiled eggs or yogurt cups in the fridge. Try whipping up a smoothie recipe and refrigerating it in a travel mug. Whatever you choose, try to eat within two hours of waking up, says Quinn. “A pattern of eating small meals and snacks helps regulate metabolism and helps lower cholesterol.”

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3. Think outside the cereal box

Expand your morning menu with delicious time-saving ideas, such as fruity muffins, muesli or an antioxidant-rich coffee smoothie. If you don’t like typical breakfast dishes, choose other healthy foods you’ll enjoy. Try veggie pizza, tropical fruit, bruschetta, quinoa, or whole-wheat wraps or pitas. Take inspiration from the morning meals of other cultures. Noodle-stuffed Thai omelette, anyone?

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4. Raise the (breakfast) bar

You can find healthy cereal and breakfast bars at supermarkets and health food stores. Pick bars that are low in sugar, sodium and fat and high in fibre, or make a batch of bars or granola on the weekend. Keep some in your purse, car or desk for hectic days.

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5. Choose wisely

If you have to pick up breakfast en route to work, look for healthier choices, such as low-fat yogurt cups, whole-grain bagels and muffins, fresh fruit or fruit salad, smoothies, and high-fibre cereals and breakfast bars.


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