5 Healthy Snack Bars for Hikers

Bring one (or two!) of these healthy snack bars on your next hike for extra energy

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Qi'a Superfood Snack Bar

Qi’a Superfood Snack Bar

Each of these organic, gluten-free bars has a base of chia, hemp and coconut for protein, fibre and omegas. Additional ingredients include blueberries, cashews, pumpkin seeds and more. Try Blueberry Cashew Pumpkin Seed ($2, naturespath.com).

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Fermented Vegan Proteins+

Fermented Vegan Proteins+

These gluten-free, soy-free, vegan bars use the science of fermentation to help eliminate digestive upset associated with plant proteins. Try Peanut Butter Chocolate ($3, genuinehealth.com).

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Vega Sport Protein Bar

Vega Sport Protein Bar

These bars have 15 grams of plant-based protein (mani sources include sprouted whole grain brown rice, pea, alfalfa and SaviSeed protein) to keep you satiated and energized for long hikes. Try Chocolate Mint ($4, myvega.com).

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Go Macro Macrobar

Go Macro Macrobar

Protein-rich nut butters (like peanut, almond, sunflower and cashew) are used in these bars for a soft, chewy texture. Try Granola + Coconut ($3, gomacro.com).

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Clif Organic Trail Mix Bar

Each of these gluten-free bars contain at least 3 grams of fibre in addition to 9-13 grams of protein. Try Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt ($2, clifbar.ca).

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