5 Fun Fitness Vacations to Try

No matter where your travels take you, being active while you’re away will have you feeling happier and healthier by the time you return. Here are some fun fitness vacations to add to your bucket list

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Bike tour

What better way to experience the sights and scenery of a new spot than by bike? You’ll cover a lot of ground, experience the place like a local and of course, return home with toned legs and glutes.

With Fat Tire Bike Tours, you can go on English-speaking tours from a variety of cities throughout Europe. In Paris? Try the Versailles tour. You’ll get to roam the gorgeous grounds of the Palais de Versailles, see the spot Marie Antoinette called home and stop at the sprawling Notre Dame market for picnic supplies. Or what about an evening bike ride through Paris, experiencing all the beautiful architecture and sparkling city lights of the most romantic city in the world?

If you’re in the mood for a European-style bike tour a little closer to home, don’t forget about Canada’s La Belle Ville, Quebec. With Fitz & Follwell company in Montreal, you can experience the city like on a local on their carefully crafted tours – there’s even a family-friendly tour for kids of all ages.

If it’s fresh air and nature you’re after, there’s no better place than Cycle Treks in Victoria, B.C. See all the stunning scenery the island has to offer, with the option for whale watching, culinary tours or a seaside trek.

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Surfing and SUPing

Learning to surf is no easy feat. You’ll fall down and get up again, then fall again and…you get the point. Your muscles may be sore, but you’ll wake up the next day excited and ready to ride the waves again. Plus, let’s face it – it looks really cool.

Surf Sister Surf School in beautiful Tofino, B.C. offers weekend surf clinics, weeklong surf camps and even a yoga and surf camp (your muscles will need the stretch!).

If it’s a tropical surf experience you’re looking for, what better place to learn than Hawaii? Kauai Surf School offers lessons, clinics and camps for different ages and abilities – all on a stunning garden island paradise.

If surfing seems too daunting, how about stand-up paddle boarding? There’s no better way to score some seriously strong abs, and you can do it on any body of water (no waves required!) Try SupGirlz in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood (yoga on a paddleboard, anyone?).

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Yoga retreat

If you think you feel Zen after your weekly yoga class, just wait until you hit the beach, mountains or forest for a week of downward dogs, healthy meals and fresh air.

Northern Edge Algonquin, an eco retreat centre on the edge of Ontario’s Algonquin Park, is a rejuvenating escape less than three hours from Toronto. Not only will you get a big dose of fresh air, you’ll also get to stay in an adorable private “glamping” cabin and eat pizza from a wood-fired oven in the forest. Retreats offered include a stand-up paddling & yoga package, yoga for bigger bodies, as well as canoeing escapes. They even have winter yoga packages for a peaceful retreat in the snow.

Want a more exotic escape?

Anamaya Resort is Costa Rica is the place to get seriously centred. Located in a rainforest overlooking the ocean, the resort is a tropical beach paradise where wellness is the focus. You’ll return home feeling healthier, calmer and radiant, thanks to the organic meals, relaxing spa services and of course, all that bending and twisting.

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If Canada’s unspoiled nature and a full-body workout are what you’re after, the best way to achieve it is by foot.

With Nature in Focus Hiking Company in Banff, Alberta, you can get off the beaten path with experts to guide you through. Not only do they offer some stunning tour suggestions in Banff National Park, Yoho and Kootenay, they also create personalized tours based on your fitness level and the sights you want to see. That means no throngs of tourists blocking your beautiful views. Bonus: They also offer snowshoeing treks.

Looking to take a trip across the pond for some serious workouts and Welsh mountain views? Snowdonia, Wales is a hub for climbing and trekking. With Run Snowdonia, no matter your ability, they have adventures and training weekends that challenge you to become a better climber and runner. You’ll tackle different types of terrain, view some beautiful vistas and even learn to plan your own routes. Oh, and you’ll come home feeling extremely fit. Just make sure you’re prepared for a real workout!

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Running city tour

The philosophy behind a running tour is pretty simple: See more, faster. Running tours are great for those who want to skip the hotel gym but also stay in shape while they’re away. Running is also the best way to see a city if you only have a little bit of time before you have to leave (business travellers, we’re looking at you).

Enter City Running Tours, a company that’s all over the U.S. – and for good reason. They offer tours for all types of runners, from social joggers to business travellers, visitors and locals. Feeling your feet pound the pavement and getting a full-body workout while seeing the sights feels way better than sitting on a tour bus in traffic.

Travelling to the U.K.? See London in a whole new light with City Jogging Tours‘ unique offerings. Experienced guides will take you on the tour of your choice – and there are lots on offer. Tour Royal London with a jog through parks to palaces. Or how about discovering some of London’s most scenic spots, like Primrose Hill and Regent’s Canal? Of course, there’s always iconic London, which is every tourist’s dream.

Bonus: They also offer walking tours, pilates and yoga (no, you can’t tour the city while doing sun salutations – but you’ll get a good stretch!).

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