5 of Brooke Burke-Charvet’s Favourite Things

Brooke shares some of her favourite health and wellness inspiration.

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Brooke Burke
[/media-credit] Bra Top, US $52, and Pants, US $82, Caelum, caelumlifestyle.com

Brooke’s Five Fast Faves

We can all take a few tips from the awe-inspiring Brooke-Burke Charvet. Here’s what makes Brooke’s list of favourites:

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Soul Cycle

1. Workout

Her current favourite way to break a sweat? SoulCycle.  “I love to sweat!”

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Naked Mom


2. Life Philosophy

“The power of ‘me, too’ is something I really believe in. That’s why I wrote my book about motherhood when I published The Naked Mom…so that we can find comfort in one another’s journeys.”

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Jessie bra

3. Workout Clothes

“My favourite piece from my line is the basic black bra top. It is comfy and works with everything.”

Jessie Bra, US $25, and Emma Short, US $32; Caleum, caleumlifestyle.com 

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4. Food

“I don’t believe in juicing – I’d rather eat an apple than drink it!”

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Sophia Loren

5. Beauty Icon

Sophia Loren. “I love to see an older woman who has confidence and exudes self-empowerment – that’s incredibly sexy.”


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