4 foods to avoid when you’re pregnant

Certain foods contain substances that can harm your baby’do not eat these. Take extra care with household hygiene, food storage, and food preparation to avert potential problems

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blue cheese

1. Blue cheese

Soft and blue-veined cheese such as Camembert, Brie and Stilton should be avoided. They harbour a bacteria causing listeriosis, which may cause miscarriage or still birth.

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raw meat

2. Undercooked meat

Raw and undercooked meat may contain a parasite which causes toxoplasmosis. This infection usually has no ill effects unless it is passed on to your baby. Then it can cause a range of severe problems, including eye and brain damage. Make sure that you cook meat thoroughly, and wash your hands and work surfaces after handling raw meat. If you have a cat or dog be aware that the parasite is carried in their feces. Wear gloves when gardening or changing cat litter and wash your hands after handling pets.

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radishes and green onions

3. Unwashed fruit and vegetables

You may acquire toxoplasmosis from unwashed fruit and vegetables. Rinse these thoroughly, ensuring that no traces of soil are present.

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4. Peanuts

The number of children allergic to peanuts is increasing; it is now thought that they become sensitive to peanut proteins while in the womb. If you or your partner have a food allergy, hay fever, eczema or asthma, avoid eating peanuts while you are pregnant.

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