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4 foods that raise your cholesterol

What you eat affects cholesterol and other fats in the blood. Avoid these foods to keep your cholesterol in check

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Cookies, cakes, other baked goods and chocolate

Sweets and especially chocolate made ??with saturated or partially hydrogenated oils raise cholesterol. They all contain trans fatty acids. Opt for fresh fruits and dried fruits instead.

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Margarine and solid vegetable shortening

Margarine and solid vegetable shortening are rich in saturated fats and trans fatty acids. Choose non-hydrogenated soft margarine, olive oil and canola, safflower, sunflower, cotton and soybean oil instead.

In addition, several studies show that people 50 to 59 years old can reduce their risk of heart disease by 25 percent after only two years if they eat only margarines containing plant sterols, since they help to lower cholesterol. You can also find them in yogurt, cheeses and salad dressings.

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dairy foods

Milk and dairy products

Cheese, cream, butter and whole milk are high in saturated fat. Opt for low fat dairy products and alternatives instead.

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red meat steak

Meat and meat fat

Most meats and fatty meat products should be avoided. Stay away from marbled beef, pork chops and lamb burgers, bacon, frankfurters, salamis and other meats to keep your cholesterol in check.

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