Swap and Drop

Why you should eat fat to get slim

Recent data shows that most people shed pounds more successfully on diet containing moderate amounts of fat than they do on very low-fat regimens. Here's why

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What is the Swap & Drop Diet?

This uniquely Canadian plan helps you get and stay slim by making small food and lifestyle changes, one week at...

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Here are some easy grocery swaps to help you cut back on sugar

The future of nutrition in fast food restaurants

Many fast food restaurants are beginning to include healthier menu options. But much more could, and should, be done

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The Best Health Swap & Drop Diet

Hot off the presses, this all-Canadian weight-loss book could be your answer. Check out the foreword'written by Dr. Susan Biali'in...

Swap & Drop: 7 easy ways to shed pounds

A few small swaps in your diet can help you lose weight

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