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Our best raw recipes

Whether you're a raw diet devotee or just experimenting with new recipes, our best raw recipes will really satisfy

Our best healthy sandwich recipes

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Quick and healthy family dinner menu

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100-Mile Diet dinner menu

Inspired by James MacKinnon and Alisa Smith's book The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating, Bonnie Stern's 100-Mile Diet...

Our best healthy chocolate recipes

Sometimes, nothing will do but chocolate'but that doesn't have to mean a high-calorie, high-fat splurge. Try these healthy chocolate recipes...

Our best healthy breakfast recipes

A delicious, healthy breakfast sets the stage for a healthy day'but it's easy to be stuck for ideas. Whether you're...

Our best healthy squash recipes

Gorgeous winter squash (including pumpkin) adds rich flavour and colour to any meal'and it's super-nutritious, too. Try our best healthy...

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Yes, you can have a sweet treat without gluten! Try these gluten-free dessert recipes and you won't miss the wheat...

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Our best healthy apple recipes

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20 healthy lunch ideas

Forget peanut butter and jelly'these healthy lunch ideas will brighten your workday, help you save cash and boost your health,...

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Heart-healthy walnuts make a great addition to any meal or snack. Here are some healthy walnut recipes to get you...

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6 easy blueberry recipes

Add healthy blueberry flavour to your meals with these easy blueberry recipes'and they're not just for dessert!

20 healthy salad recipes

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Cool cucumber: Our favourite cucumber recipes

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5 fabulous high-fibre meals

Delicious meals guaranteed to add more fibre to your diet

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Summer wouldn't be summer without a feast of freshly picked, tree-ripe cherries. When you've had your fill of eating them...

Sensational summer menu

Mix 'n' match these meal ideas to create magnificent summer menus

Delicious summer meal ideas

Looking for a twist on barbecue or something a little healthier? Here are some summer meal picks that are guaranteed...

Get your grains!

Try these delicious recipes to get more healthy whole grains in your diet

Summer time fun: Light delicious meal ideas

In the heat of summer, we often grab light snacks and meals without considering their nutritional value

100-calorie snacks: You can make them too!

Grazing might be healthy, because eating more frequently can lower blood cholesterol levels, according to recent research. Here, some low-calorie...