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5 strange-but-true health cures

Who says scientists lack imagination? These strange-but-true health studies prove medical researchers are thinking outside the box when it comes...

10 ways to stress less and sleep more

When stress interrupts your sleep on a nightly basis, it sets you up for chronic insomnia. Here's how to feel...

How to Do a Thyroid Self-Exam

Learn the facts about thyroid cancer and find out how to monitor yourself for abnormalities

10 best dance movies of all time

Get your groove on with our list of the best dance movies ever made

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer: Photos from Toronto

On the weekend of September 12, four team members from Best Health'along with thousands of other participants'walked to raise money...

4 new resources for moms-to-be

Pregnant, or planning to be? These three books'and one DVD'will help you get organized, beat stress and stay healthy

Decorating baby’s room: How to make a small nursery appear larger

Often the smallest room in the house is chosen as the nursery'and the room can seem cramped when it's time...

12 bad excuses to skip running

Instead of focusing on why you can't go for a run, turn those reasons into your motivation!

How to use online health information

Many websites are packed with pertinent health information'but many others are untrustworthy. Here's how to tell the difference

4 signs you’re a cyberchondriac

The Internet is packed with information about health conditions'but when does diligent research turn into an obsession? Find out if...

Why sex hurts: Vulvodynia explained

Vulvodynia can have a devastating impact on a woman's sex life, her relationships and her lifestyle. But there are treatments...

10 cheap fitness tools and how to use them

Get fit for less with these budget-friendly home fitness tools (you may already have them!)

Best Health DIY workout program

Need inspiration for body-sculpting at home or at the gym? Pick and choose from our selection of exercises for your...

3 moves to sculpt your waist

Use this simple toning plan to strengthen and define your midsection

Is your thyroid normal or is it time to get checked?

The incidence of thyroid disease seems to be rising dramatically. But we often dismiss the symptoms as simply the effects...

4 fall gardening tasks

Cover, plant, transplant and compost your way to a gorgeous fall garden

How Viagra can hurt your relationship

Viagra and other medications to treat male sexual dysfunction have been the answer for many couples. But for some, they...

September health Q&A

Is antibacterial soap worth it, are generic drugs equal to the original and will eating at night make you fat?...

4 tips on drinking when you have diabetes

If your doctor's given you permission to drink, follow these guidelines to do it responsibly

6 ways to eat to beat diabetes

Follow these healthy eating suggestions that will work with your lifestyle'and help you manage your diabetes

Diabetes and weight loss

Maintaining a healthy body weight'even losing just 5 or 10 pounds'can make a huge difference in diabetes management. Here are...

Sleep better during allergy season

Are your allergies keeping you from getting a good night's sleep? Follow these tips to help relieve your symptoms

6 secrets to eating enough fibre

Fibre is a wonder ingredient: for one thing, it helps regulate your blood sugar levels, meaning it's a key ingredient...

All you need to know about migraines

A migraine is more than just a bad headache'it can have a major effect on your quality of life. Find...

Best Health News: September 2009

A better test for cervical cancer, what to plant now and a surprising fact about men who drink'here's your monthly...

Sex advice: I want more sex than my man

To kick-start this new feature, a Best Health staffer'who shall remain nameless'asked for advice from two Canadian sex experts

Exercise your way to better sex

Let's get physical! Learn how these simple exercises can improve your sex life