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8 Famous People Who Suffered from Migraines

These famous faces suffered from migraines, but became legends just the same.

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1) Julius Caesar

Misery loves company, and what good company it is! Here are just a few of the famous faces who’ve lived with the pain of migraines.

Despite his strong portrayals in movies, his health is often discussed. In addition to epilepsy, Caesar also suffered from migraines.

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Virginia Woolf

2) Virgina Woolf

The feminist and author wrote about her experiences with migraines.

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thomas jefferson

3) Thomas Jefferson

Apparently historians and doctors didn’t always agree about whether Jefferson’s pain was from headaches or migraines, as this 2006 study outlines.

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Sigmund Freud

4) Sigmund Freud

Some research suggests that it’s migraines that Freud suffered from that sparked his interest in pain.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

5) Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was dealing with bigger headaches than ruling France – he also suffered migraines.

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Elizabeth Taylor

6) Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor suffered painful migraines, but that never changed her love for fragrances – even for those she created herself.

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Vincent Van Gogh

7) Vincent Van Gogh

The artist experienced chronic migraines, and many say his paintings are what aura looks like. (Aura happens to some migraine sufferers, where their vision becomes distorted.)

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Elvis Presley

8) Elvis Presley

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is said to have suffered from intractable migraines, which are chronic and don’t respond to medical treatment.