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What Real Moms Look Like

Dove is showing a series of realistic and raw photos of Canadian mothers and their babies to depict the real lives of first-time parents.

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Meet The Real Moms

Dove has done it again. While we might be used to images of what real women look like in their Real Beauty campaign, we’re now getting a glimpse into a very normal, a very real view of life as a real mom.

Meet Tatiana. She’s a working mom and breadwinner of her family. She is juggling her own business and parenting her 17-month-old, with the help of her husband, a stay-at-home dad.

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Dove Real Moms Ashley

Real Mom Influencer

Meet Ashley. This new mom active. She is fitness blogger and business owner, running mommy fitness classes and boot-camp.

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Dove Real Moms Jonelle

Real Mom Student Life

Meet Jonelle. As a single mom of an three-month colicky baby, she is making things work as a part-time university student.

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Dove Real Moms Grace

Real Mom Full House

Meet Grace. This mom-of-three (all under 4 the age of four), has just returned to work. Thankfully she has family to help her with the kids and the family dog too.

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Dove Real Moms Shauna

Real Mom’s Cash Cow

Meet Shauna. As the new mom a four-month-old baby, she is also the wife of prize-winning dairy cow and sheep farmer. So life can get interesting raising baby on their  farm.

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Dove Real Moms Sabrina

Real Mom’s Double Trouble

Meet Sabrina. As the busy stay-at-home mom of twin toddlers, she is dealing with two completely different temperaments as well as postpartum anxiety.