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Canadian Actress Shay Mitchell’s Killer Fitness Program

Need some inspiration to get you to work up a sweat? Canadian actress Shay Mitchell is a fitness fanatic, and here are some of our fave workout pics.

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Shay Mitchell stay fit, A headshot of actress Shay Mitchellphoto credit: shutterstock

How does actress Shay Mitchell stay fit?

Don’t underestimate the petite frame of this Pretty Little Liars star. Shay Mitchell may be slim, but she packs a lot of punch.

A boxing fanatic, the Canadian actress doesn’t just work out in the ring or with a heavy bag. The starlet is a cross-training beast – with so much variety to her training, that keeps things not only well-rounded but also fun and exciting!

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Shay Mitchell stay fit instagram, Shay Mitchell doing crossfit ropesphoto credit: instagram

Get roped in

Different workout tools, including battle ropes, help to mix things up for Mitchell’s workouts. High intensity sweat sessions are how she balances what she’s referred to as indulgences.

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Shay Mitchell stay fit instagram, Shay Mitchell doing a plank on a yoga matphoto credit: instagram

Plank you very much

Mitchell considers workouts as her happy place (and as seen here planking, she knows that a strong core is important. And she’s on point with that, since exercise has been shown be a mood booster.

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shay mitchell stay fit hiking, Shay Mitchel on top of a mountain she hikedphoto credit: shutterstock

Take a hike!

The starlet takes her workouts outside when traveling, like when she went hiking in Jordan.

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shay mitchell stay fit, Shay Mitchell swimming while on vacationphoto credit: instagram

Go for a dip

Getting her feet wet with a swim (a fantastic cardio workout that’s kind to your body), Mitchell also soaked up even more health benefits by taking a dip in the Dead Sea (the minerals in the water can help stimulate blood circulation).

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shay mitchell stay fit instagram, Shay Mitchell posing with boxing glovesphoto credit: instagram

If the glove fits


How does Shay Mitchell stay fit? Boxing, lots! And, she’s compared to a form of therapy for her.

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Shay Mitchell stay fit instagram, Shay Mitchell snowboardingphoto credit: instagram

Just say snow

Born in Mississauga and raised in B.C., this Canadian knows her snow sports and has snowboarding skills (she does black diamond runs) even though she hasn’t boarded in years.

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Shay Mitchell stay fit instagram, Shay Mitchell does plank jumps with a palphoto credit: shutterstock

Stay true to your fit crew

One way she stays motivated with her fitness routine? Having workout buddies; a partner or a group of friends to work out with can help keep you accountable. It’s just one of the ways you can get out of a fitness rut.

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Shay Mitchell stay fit instagram, Shay Mitchell and her workout crewphoto credit: instagram

Make it stick

Mitchell also is consistent with her workout schedule and uses the weekends to work on her fitness, not slack off. Here she’s hit up the gym with a bunch of friends (and did you know group fitness will make you fitter?).

So to answer the question – How does Shay Mitchell stay fit? – she does lots.