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The Best Home Rowing Machines at Every Price Point

Rowing machines provide one of the best total body workouts. Here's how to choose the best rowing machine for your fitness goals and budget.

Is The New Peloton Bike+ Worth the Price?

We put its fancy features to the test.

These Trendy Ankle Weights Will Transform Your At-Home Workout

It's no wonder these weights (which can also be worn on the wrists) are everywhere right now. Here are the...

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The 17 Best Arm Exercises For Women

What are the best arm exercises for women? We have them all, plus a plan to have you feeling stronger...

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6 Myths About How to Strengthen Your Core

(Hint: It's not all about sit-ups.)

The Best 10-Minute Butt Workout That Ayesha Curry Swears By

Actress and cookbook author Ayesha Curry shares her easy-to-follow circuit that's quick and guaranteed to strengthen your glutes.

This Is How Long You Need to Hold a Plank For

All hail the plank! But wait: How long should hold one? Here's your answer

Why You Should Buy Cycling Shoes if You Use an Exercise Bike at Home

The shoes you choose can impact how you use an exercise bike. Here's how clip-in cycling shoes can help prevent...

Can’t Fit In a Full At-Home Workout? Do This

Don’t have an hour to devote to working out at the gym? No problem — follow this at-home circuit instead.

How to Do Push-Ups Properly

This upper-body exercise is easy to master and modify.

Why This Toronto Boxing Gym — the First All-Female Club in Canada — Had To Close

Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club became a haven for the LGBTQ+ community and survivors of domestic violence. Owner Savoy Howe explains...

Perk Up Your Barre Workout by Streaming a Class From London, Paris, and NYC

Learn how the ballerina-inspired workout is done in other major cities.

6 Reasons Swimming is So Good for You

Water is your key to better health — and we’re not talking about getting your eight glasses a day (but...

17 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Fitness After 50

Don't let the following myths prevent you from staying active and healthy.

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11 Easy Ways to Make Walking More Fun

Lost your lust for hitting the pavement? Put the spring back in your step by making your daily walk a...

10 Foods to Avoid Before a Workout

What you eat before you work out can hinder your performance. Here are the foods to avoid at all costs...

3 Activities to Keep You Fit While Working From Home

No budget? No equipment? No problem! Here are three activities that work with what you have at home.

These 4 Old-School Fitness Techniques Could Help You Achieve Your Goals

Not the fitness tracker type? Peter Levidis, a certified athletic therapist, shares the best old-school fitness methods to try.

This Is the Least Amount of Exercise You Need to Live Longer

You don't need hours and hours of workouts to reap the benefits of exercise. Here's what's necessary.

7 Home Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer

Fitness experts reveal their fun home workouts to help keep kids physically active and entertained through summer.

11 Ways You’ve Been Swimming All Wrong

New swimming methods are helping us discover more efficient ways to move in the water.

10 Swimming Workouts That Burn Major Calories

The weather is warming up, which makes it the perfect time to hit the pool for a workout. Whether you're...

7 Daily Exercises to Improve Your Balance

Think you need to be a yoga pro in order to balance on one foot? Think again. Practise these exercises...

13 Post-Workout Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Progress

You put in all that work getting a sweat on, so don't undo it all as soon as the exercise...

The Best Walking Workout for Older People

A strength and nutrition coach reveals the benefits of walking for older people and offers a walking workout tailored to...

8 Ways to Use Your New Fitness Tracker to Get Fit

Use your fitness tracker to improve overall health, from updating your personal biometrics to monitoring your progress over time.