Meet the Fitness Essentials to Help Achieve Your 2020 Goals

GoZone is offering Walmart shoppers an expansive line of quality at-home gym accessories and equipment.

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Give your 2020 goals and resolutions a kick-start with the GoZone, a new fitness and wellness brand available exclusively at Walmart Canada. The right gear can make all the difference when you’re working toward your health and wellness goals. GoZone, the hottest new line of fitness equipment that just launched at Walmart, is shaking up the Canadian retail market.

Traditionally, Walmart has offered a wide variety of fitness brands and products, leaving consumers with an overwhelming selection to choose from. The launch of GoZone as the exclusive fitness brand at Walmart shakes up the consumer experience strategy and hones in on a streamlined and convenient approach to fitness and one-stop shopping. With the new GoZone offering, the retailer will elevate its fitness offering with one brand that delivers quality and value, building on the Walmart shopping experience as the one-stop shop for all lifestyle needs at every stage and for every level.

Now in stores and online, GoZone has a full range of quality fitness products at affordable prices — making Walmart your one-stop shop for all things fitness at every level. Whether you’re getting back into exercise, looking to improve your home gym or simply keeping active, GoZone inspires confidence, removes intimidation and makes it easier to access quality fitness gear.

GoZone’s robust portfolio of products ranges from water bottles and yoga mats to seated bicycles and battle ropes. There’s something for everyone, experienced athletes and beginners alike. And with GoZone’s colour-coded packaging (like red for cardio, lime for running, purple for yoga and yellow for boxing), it’s never been easier to find exactly what you need and discover new products to help achieve your fitness goals.

Need a little extra help to get into the zone? Here are some GoZone tips to spark a healthy, active lifestyle.

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1. Create your own home gym.

When you have a gym right at home, there’s no excuse for skipping your session. Building one is easier than you think. GoZone has everything you need — flooring and mats, pull-up bars, dumbbells, the perfect weight bench and more.

Image Credit: GoZone

2. Put your heart in it.

Get your heart pumping with cardio. Mix it up with activities like jumping rope, running or riding the stationary bike. Why not knock out your fitness goals with boxing or kickboxing? It’s a total-body strength and conditioning workout that’s a great way to work off stress.

Image Credit: GoZone

3. Build strength.

Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are key for strong muscles and bones. It’s important to get a good grip when weight training by wearing gloves, and protect your lower back with a weight belt.

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4. Take a holistic approach.

Work out your mind AND your body with yoga. GoZone has all the yoga must-haves, no matter your level of mastery — mats, bags, balls, blocks, straps, non-slip socks and gloves for your practice.

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5. Travel with the right gear.

Pack the fitness essentials in your suitcase to keep up your routine. With jump rope, resistance bands, a foldable yoga mat and mini travel roller, you can train when you’re away from home.

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6. Don’t forget rest and recovery.

Every body needs a break. Massage sticks and balls, foam rollers and stretch straps help target those hard-to-reach areas, relieve sore muscles, break up knots and improve flexibility.

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7. Stand out and stay safe.

Be seen when you’re running, power walking or cycling with a reflective vest, bands, strobe light or LED light strap. Use a waist pack or armband to stash your phone and keys and keep your hands free.

Image Credit: GoZone

8. Get into the GoZone.

GoZone has a wide range of accessories and equipment to help you build confidence and feel motivated. With the right gear, you’ll be unstoppable. Discover the robust product line from GoZone. Visit your local Walmart or shop online at

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