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15 Instapot-Friendly Meals to Make in Quarantine

These Instapot dinners are the perfect way to enjoy a quick home-cooked meal that's packed with nutrients.

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Instapot recipesphoto credit: Maya Visnyei

Super Simple Tomato Sauce

Make this sauce ahead of time, so you have it ready to go for the week or let it simmer on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Ryan Szulc

Barley & Mushroom Whole Grain Risotto

This risotto is sure to bring comfort to your kitchen this winter season. Barley makes a delicious, satisfying whole-grain risotto.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Ryan Szulc

Pulled Pork Tacos

Bring a little comfort to your kitchen this holiday season by adding our festive pulled pork tacos to the menu. This is the perfect dish for casual entertaining.

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Instapot recipesphoto credit: Ryan Szulc

Vegan Coconut & Chickpea Soup

Nothing quite says comfort like a bowl full of soup that is packed with flavour and texture. This easy-to-serve meal is the perfect recipe to whip up any day of the week.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Ryan Szulc

Beef Chili

Make cool nights warmer with this hearty, slow cooker beef chili. This make-ahead recipe is perfect for those busy weeknight dinners.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Maya Visnyei

Lightened-Up Chicken Stew

The broth in this recipe lightens the dish and allows the healthy vege­tables to take a leading role. In fact, if you want to make it a soup instead, increase the broth. The saffron adds an interesting flavour.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Quinoa Cabbage Rolls

Since using cabbage as our “roll” isn’t enough to satisfy our cabbage cravings, we snuck its fermented counterpart (sauerkraut!) into the sweet and tangy sauce, too.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Burgundy Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks, wine, vegetables, and herbs simmer for eight hours to reach a level of taste and tenderness that will please everyone.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Maya Visnyei

Vegetarian Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a traditional Israeli dish that’s so versatile, it’s served morning, noon and night in its homeland. It’s a fantastic way to use up any odd bits of vegetables that you have in the fridge, making the possibilities endless.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Suech and Beck

Freshest Vegetable Chili

Packed with a delicious warmth of flavours, your guests will wish you made a second batch.

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Instapot recipes Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Sausage & White Bean Soup

This Italian soup not only warms you up, but it’s also a good source of protein and fibre, thanks to the turkey sausage, navy beans and nutrient-packed kale.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Asian Turkey Meatballs

These meatballs are the perfect make-ahead appetizer.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Geoffrey Ross

Buttery Coconut Chicken Curry

It keeps well in the fridge for up to two days.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Ryan Szulc

Better-For-You Bolognese

The dark colour and umami flavour of mushrooms are a natural replacement for slow simmered meat in this traditional sauce.

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Instapot recipesPhoto Credit: Taste of Home

Curry-Spiced Pumpkin Risotto

This easy dish gets a major flavour boost from the curry.

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