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10 Indulgent Yet Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Roasted turkey, gluten-free stuffing, low-fat pumpkin pie—here are the recipes you need to host a feel-good Thanksgiving feast.

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thanksgiving feastImage Credit: Shutterstock

The Best Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

We all know how easy it is to overindulge in holiday meals, especially during Thanksgiving. Stick with your healthy-eating habits by adding these good-for-you dishes to your Thanksgiving spread. (Psst: Here are some food-prep tips that will get rid of some of the stress this holiday season.)

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The Best Roasted Turkey RecipePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Classic Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

You can change the flavour of the brine by playing with the liquid. For instance, you can substitute some wine or apple cider for some water when brining pork.

Get the Recipe: Classic Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

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Tips for making homemade stuffingPhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Wild Blueberry Cornbread Stuffing

Adding fruit to stuffing is a traditional part of the holidays. Wild blueberries offer rich colour and taste-perfect beside favourite herbs like sage and thyme. Whether you stuff the turkey or serve the stuffing alongside, it is an accompaniment that cannot be forgotten.

Get the Recipe: Wild Blueberry Cornbread Stuffing

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Roasted Carrots recipephoto credit: shutterstock

Rustic Honey-Roasted Carrots With Thyme

Change up your traditional carrots for roasted and bring out their flavour. For a beautiful presentation, cut the roasted carrots in long pieces and arrange on bed of parsley.

Get the Recipe: Rustic Honey-Roasted Carrots With Thyme

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Roasted Root Vegetables RecipePhoto Credit: Shutterstock

Roast Root Vegetables with Herbs

Use this recipe as a basic guide for roasting single vegetables, such as potatoes or parsnips, as well as for a superb dish of mixed root vegetables. Serve them with herbs in generous quantities your turkey.

Get the Recipe: Roast Root Vegetables with Herbs

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Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe

Gluten-Free Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

This easy stuffing combines traditional French Canadian flavours. Serve this holiday favourite as a side, or toss it into a casserole with other post-festivity leftovers. Each bite receives a burst of cranberry and a pecan crunch! (Psst: Here are a few tips for making legendary stuffing.)

Get the Recipe: Gluten-Free Cranberry Pecan Stuffing

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Fancy Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Fancy Mashed Potatoes

Here’s a chef-worthy accompaniment you can do yourself. This vivid three-vegetable mash is based on mashed potatoes tinted and flavoured three different ways-with health-giving sweet potatoes, spinach and beets.

Get the Recipe: Fancy Mashed Potatoes

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Mashed Sweet Potatoesphoto credit: shutterstock

Irresistible Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes are a healthy, crowd-pleasing side to any meal.

Get the Recipe: Irresistible Mashed Sweet Potatoes

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Golden Autumn Soup

Golden Autumn Soup

This golden soup uses the freshest, most beautiful autumn produce and will make the most wonderful Thanksgiving appetizer.

Get the Recipe: Golden Autumn Soup

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baked peaches

Decadent Baked Peaches With Almond Cookie Stuffing

Turn fresh peaches into a fabulous warm dessert by stuffing them with dried apricots, toasted almonds and crushed amaretti cookie crumbs, then baking them in the oven until they are brown and bubbly.

Get the Recipe: Decadent Baked Peaches With Almond Cookie Stuffing

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Healthy Pumpkin Pie Recipephoto credit: shutterstock

Lower-Fat Pumpkin Pie

Don’t skip out on this Thanksgiving favourite, instead, use used canned pumpkin purée rather than standard pie filling, and fat-free condensed milk rather than heavy cream, to create this healthier version.

Get the Recipe: The Perfect Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner? Here are tips for a stress-free holiday.