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30 Mushroom Recipes Full Of Health-Boosting Benefits

Mushrooms are trending for 2019 — and for good reason. Reap the benefits with these mushroom recipes.

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mushroom recipes

Our best healthy mushroom recipes

In one portobello mushroom, at only 18 calories, you get four percent of your daily fibre and two grams of protein – a combination that helps keep you full without making a caloric dent.

Research has praised mushrooms for their possible role in helping to manage cholesterol, control blood sugar and even help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Plus, mushroom recipes are becoming popular as a source of vitamin D. Mushrooms synthesize vitamin D2 from the sun, similar (albeit a bit less potent) to the D3 version that our skin manufactures in UV light.

Scroll down to check out our most popular mushrooms recipes and reap the health benefits of this nutritional powerhouse.

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mushroom recipes

Reishi Cappuccino

This reishi cappuccino is a great way to enjoy the healing benefits of a reishi mushroom tonic. (Here’s more on why you should start adding this superfood to your diet.)

Get our cappuccino mushroom recipe

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Lentil and Mushroom Vegetarian Bolognese

Canned lentils are budget-friendly, busy-family weeknight warriors and a dinnertime saviour when paired with pre-made tomato sauce. (Try our Super Simple Slow Cooker Sauce) and quick-cooking pasta.)

Get the recipe for our Lentil and Mushroom Bolognese.

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Barley and Mushroom Whole Grain Risotto

Barley makes a delicious, satisfying whole-grain risotto, and the slow cooker makes it effortless. Plus, mushrooms are filling and a great source of fibre.

Get the recipe for our Barley and Mushroom Risotto.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom and Swiss Cheese Mini-Quiches

Given that they’re crustless, these savoury vegetarian mini-quiches will make a pretty addition to your sandwich tray.

Get the mushroom recipe. 

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mushroom recipes

Rustic Portobello Mushroom Soup

The earthy flavour of the large, dark mushrooms in this soup are given a lift thanks to garlic and parsley.

Get the mushroom soup recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Spring Vegetables and Oyster Mushroom Duxelles

A versatile, satisfying, vegetarian dish worth serving to impress your guests.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Butter-Free Mushroom Quinoa Risotto

This risotto boosts fibre and protein by swapping arborio rice for a whole grain. The addition of mushrooms adds flavour and fibre.

Get the mushroom recipe.

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Mushroom Salad with Quail Eggs

Full-flavoured shiitake mushrooms are poached with delicate chanterelles and oyster mushrooms, then tossed with herbs and topped with softly poached quail eggs.

Get the recipe for our mushroom salad.

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mushroom recipes

Creamy Mushroom and Quinoa Salad

High in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, this quinoa salad is highly nutritious, with a mild flavour.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Knife and Fork Mushroom Burger

Eating this burger with a knife and fork means you’ll take more time to enjoy it. Button mushrooms promote immune function and are a good source of B2 and B3 vitamins. Plus, unlike a pan-fried meat burger, this bun-less option is low in saturated fat and high in fibre.

Get the Knife and Fork Mushroom Burger recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom Quiche

This simple, no-crust mushroom quiche is the perfect combination of protein and vegetables to satisfy your appetite.

Get the Mushroom Quiche recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms are filled with a delicious mixture of finely chopped zucchini, spinach and hazelnuts, then topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Vegetarian Meatballs

Add these vegetarian meatballs (packed with mushrooms) to our creamy macaroni and cheese or add them to your favourite spaghetti dish for a meatless alternative to beef meatballs. .

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom and Cheese Macaroni

This well-loved macaroni dish is delicious with mushrooms, peas and red pepper added.

Get the recipe for our Mushroom and Cheese Macaroni.

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Mushroom and Beef Burger with Curried Yogurt Sauce

Swapping out half of the beef in these burgers for the “meaty” consistency and taste of mushrooms results in a hefty calorie savings.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Beefed-Up Blue Cheese Burger

For a slightly different mushroom burger, try this Beef and Mushroom Blue Cheese Burger.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

White Truffle Risotto with Cauliflower

Make this dish when wild mushrooms become available at your local farmers’ market. The greater the variety of mushrooms, the more flavour your risotto will have.

Get the risotto recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom Soup with Peppers

This lovely one-pan mushroom soup with peppers is on the table in a matter of minutes.

Get the recipe for our Mushroom Soup.

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mushroom recipes

Barley Mushroom Ragout

More filling than soup, this vegetarian ragout will stick to the ribs.

Get the recipe.

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Seafood and Mushroom Pie

Serve this seafood and mushroom pie with a colourful medley of steamed vegetables, such as snow or sugar snap peas, carrots and baby corn.

Get the recipe.

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Mushroom Toasts

Mushrooms taste wonderful piled on top of whole-grain toast spread with ricotta cheese and sprinkled with thyme.

Get the recipe for these Mushroom Toasts.

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Mushroom and Fresh Herb Pasta

This simple pasta dish features a variety of mushrooms as its key flavour, with fresh herbs as an accent.

Get the recipe for our Mushroom and Fresh Herb Pasta.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom and Fennel Soup

Sweet anise-flavoured fennel and earthy mushrooms make a delicious combination in this smooth vegetable soup.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Portobello Mushroom Sliders

This portobello mushroom burger makes a tasty meat-free option for vegetarians at your next dinner party or summer gathering at the cottage.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom Pasta Bake

Using a variety of fresh and dried mushrooms combined with tasty artichoke hearts, this pasta bake dish gives off an exotic flavour.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Mushroom Risotto

The fresh mushrooms add texture, while the dried mushrooms come to life with a rich, earthy flavour once they’ve been rehydrated.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Rotini with Asparagus and Portobello Mushrooms

Boost your vegetable and fibre intake with this healthy and delicious asparagus and mushroom pasta recipe.

Get the recipe

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Mushrooms with Camembert Cheese and Pine Nuts

When it comes to party apps, this mushroom recipe is a crowd-pleaser. These stuffed mushrooms are topped with slices of creamy cheese and sprinkled with pine nuts. Want to make them a meal? Serve on toast for a smart, no-fuss light lunch or supper.

Get the recipe.

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Grilled Polenta with Mushrooms

Flavoured with Gruyère cheese and topped with a savoury mixture of mushrooms, walnuts and herbs, this is a sophisticated appetizer worth trying.

Get the recipe.

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mushroom recipes

Liver, Bacon and Mushroom Pie

Nothing beats the smell of a pie baking in the oven, and this one is even more aromatic than most with its rosemary-flavoured crust.

Get the recipe for our Liver, Bacon and Mushroom Pie.

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