What’s online from Best Health’s March/April 2011 issue

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What's online from Best Health's March/April 2011 issue

New & Now

‘ A Pilates mini-wardrobe
Try these simple tips to help improve your posture.

Look Great

30 Pilates with Tanya Kim
Wondering what goes on at a cover shoot for Best Health? Check out the behind-the-scenes video from our photo shoot with eTalk anchor Tanya Kim.

Get Healthy

54 How Much Is Too Much?
Keeping your liver healthy is essential to looking and feeling good. How healthy is your liver? Read on to find out.

60 ‘My Best Friend Saved My Life’
Find out how you can become an organ donor in Canada.

62 His Health
Protect your ears with our 3 tips to prevent hearing loss.

64 Long Live Your Brain!
Keep your mind sharp with these 5 workouts for your brain.

Eat Well

80 Nine Foods that Hydrate
Check out some of our best healthy snack ideas.

91 In Praise of the Family Meal
Looking for a new dish to add to your family dinner repertoire? Try Sue’s Baked Salmon with Maple Syrup recipe. Delish!

92 Simply Delicious
Try these 8 healthy 20-minute meals that your family is sure to love.

Embrace Life

106 Rekindling Desire
Spice things up with your partner with these 7 ways to make sex great again.

112 ‘Severe Anxiety Ruled My Life’
Need to talk to someone? Find out how to find the best therapist for you.