This Tiny Bedtime Tweak Will Make You A Morning Person

It only takes a few seconds, but you’ll be so thankful when you wake up.

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You’ll never want to hit the snooze button again

Getting out of bed just might be the most difficult part of the day. As often as you’ve promised yourself you’ll finally turn into a morning person, or at least cut back to one hit of the snooze button, that little bit of extra shuteye is just way too tempting. Thankfully, adding one little thing to your bedtime routine will make it so much easier to wake up—and it only takes a couple seconds. (Here are 14 habits that you can sneak into your morning routine without much effort.)

The bedtime tweak that will help you wake up

You might have noticed by now that it’s easier to get to sleep when your room is cool. Before bed and after you’ve drifted off, your body temperature naturally drops. Experts agree that turning the thermostat down to somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees will mirror what should be going on inside your body, signaling to your body it’s time to sleep. “If our core temperature is too high, the brain cannot easily make the switch from being awake to being asleep, or create the best quality sleep,” Matthew Walker, PhD, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, tells the Wall Street Journal. (These diet tricks and hacks will help you sleep better.)

When you’re still asleep early in the morning, your core temperature starts to rise again to help you wake up, according to WebMD. And that’s where the catch is. With the air still blasting in your bedroom, staying cozy under the comforter seems so much more appealing than facing the (literally) cold world. (Don’t miss these 6 simple morning habits that can help you lose weight.)

Thankfully, physiologist and sleep therapist Nerina Ramlakhan, PhD, has a solution to help you wake up, and you can set it up even before you go to bed. When you’re turning the heat off at night, mess with your thermostat’s other settings. “Set up the heating to come on 10 minutes or so before you get up,” Dr. Ramlakhan suggests to The Independent. If the outside temperature rises with your body temperature, you’ll be less likely to mutter “ten more minutes” and more eager to jump up and start your day. Heck, you might even finally squeeze in that morning workout you’ve always dreamed of – instead of just dreaming.

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