Victoria Beckham’s Hairstylist Reveals the One Mistake Women Over 40 Always Make

Hint: It may be time to make a change.

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According to Garren, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of R+Co, women over 40 sometimes don’t even realize they are in need of a hair update until they reach the dreaded “Oh no! What do I do now?” moment. After that realization, the big hair mistake many women make is reviving a style they sported in their earlier years. “They go back to the same haircut they had during college,” says Garren. (See other beauty mistakes that age you.)

His work with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Barbra Streisand has shown him how to keep women youthful by simply using hair to their best advantage. Garren believes a good hair cut and style can lift years off your face. The key is to find a great hairstylist, he says. Make sure to interview your pro before they reach for the scissors, including asking to see before and after photos of their clients.

When it comes to your new cut itself, you’ll want to make sure your stylist takes your hair texture and face shape into consideration. (Use these best haircuts for your face shape as a guide.)

Garren also cautions against extreme lengths. “[Being over 40] doesn’t mean you have to cut your hair short, but you also don’t want hair halfway down your back,” he says. If your hair is coloured, make sure to use cleaning and conditioning formulas that prolong your dye job as washed out colour can add even more years to your appearance. (Want to embrace your greys? Here’s how to make grey hair look (extra!) gorgeous.)

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