Top 10 stories of 2009

Check out Best Health’s greatest hits from the year that was

Top 10 stories of 2009

Source: Web exclusive: December 2009

1. 6 foods you thought weren’t healthy, but are

Are you cutting out foods that are actually nutritious? Find out why these six deserve a spot on your plate.

2. 7 workouts that work

Exercise only keeps you healthy if you do it. Here are 7 workout options that will keep you motivated, having fun and on track.

3. 10 foods you should eat every day

Stock your kitchen with these super foods to ensure your diet is packed with antioxidants, fibre and other healthy properties.

4. 11 secrets to getting slim

Get the skinny on weight loss with these research-based tips.

5. The 4 worst foods you can eat

Improve your diet by limiting your consumption of four of the worst foods you can eat.

6. 8 budget superfoods, plus recipes to try

A dietitian and celebrity chef suggest adding these budget-friendly foods to your shopping list. Try cooking them up with our recommended recipes.

7. 4 sugary foods you should be avoiding

Steady blood sugar is key for a steady supply of energy’and to prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Avoid these four sweet foods that could be sabotaging your health.

8. 5 myths and truths about public washrooms

Paranoid about the bacteria and viruses lurking in public restrooms? Find out what you really should be worried about and what’s just a myth.

9. 9 moves for strong, sexy legs

Do these leg moves inside or out’you’ll see results either way (we promise).

10. 7 spices that heal

Besides imparting complex flavours into food, some spices also have medicinal properties. Here are 7 spices that can be used to minimize symptoms and even treat some basic health problems.

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