Beauty: Tips for self-tanning success

The range by which you can fake a tan at home and thereby bypass skin-aging baking in the sun is


The range by which you can fake a tan at home and thereby bypass skin-aging baking in the sun is endless. You can surf the bounty at the drugstore aisles ($14 will buy you Life Brand’s new spray in a can called Smooth Bronze Self-tanning Continuous Spray), shop online for Famous Dave’s lotion in a pump; it claims it’s discovered a secret to entirely eliminating the chemical reaction odour (, about $26). Or go glam goddess at Sephora with the dubiously named Too Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube, an instant bronzer and gradual self-tanner that gives you, as described on, that ‘just-back-from-the-Caribbean sex appeal.’ For that, you’ll have to lighten up your wallet for $31.

In their gleaming tubes, jars and bottles, they beckon every year with promises of no streaking and bonuses of moisturizing and antioxidant skin treats in their formulas. And every spring/summer I get seduced.

Like clockwork, I make a mess of my hands and especially of my feet and ankles. Instead of looking just back from the Caribbean, I end up looking like I haven’t had a shower in four months.

Actually, apart from the application skill-sets required, I much prefer to garner a little glow naturally’protected, of course, with sunscreen‘that comes from being outdoors and enjoying summer sensibly. But, at the first wave of heat, I’m staring down at fluorescent bare white feet in cute flats or sandals.  So, out come the self-tanners.

Well, maybe these reminder application tips from Life Brand will help:

Exfoliate first, and apply to dry skin. Whether using a cream, liquid or towelette, the application technique remains the same: apply product in big circular motions until it has completely penetrated (except for the spray, below).
‘ For consistent colour, go very lightly over the ankles, knees and elbows and wrists.
‘ If using a spray format, get into the shower and, holding the canister at arm’s length, spray in long strokes from bottom to top. (Life Brand says its spray is a no-rub formula that dries quickly.)
Wear disposable gloves or try washing your hands a few times during your application instead of once at the end.
‘ If it’s not the right colour for you, gently scrub the product off in the shower, go for a swim in a pool (chlorine will accelerate fading) or apply lemon juice’the acidity will help get rid of the colouring.

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