Three Steps To A Healthier Barbecue

Chopped Canada judge Eden Grinshpan spills her top secrets for healthy barbecuing.

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With barbecue season at its height, it is tough not to be tempted by charred meats and veggies. So you can imagine our excitement when Chopped Canada judge Eden Grinshpan suggested we still light up the barbie. In fact, she offers these three tips on celebrating mealtime with friends and family with a healthier barbecue. Grab your tongs!

1. It is all about the sauce.

Skip the store-bought versions, which are full of sugar and salt. And instead reach for flavourful, homemade sauces. Try garam masala, yogurt, ginger, garlic and lime for an Indian chicken marinade or lemongrass, lime, fish sauce and sugar for a Thai influence. Measure to taste. Plus, it will give you bragging rights when everyone goes on about how good it tastes.

2. Make your vegetables a star instead of a side dish.

While steak and kebobs often steal the limelight at barbecues, make your vegetables so tasty they steal the show. Slow-grill veggies like eggplant and zucchini to get them charred on the outside and steamed on the inside, with plenty of smoky flavor throughout.

3. Red meat is so last summer.

Instead of serving a heart-attack on a plate, go for some heart-healthy fats with fish. Try white, flaky Mediterranean sea bass or snapper. It’s easy to grill and healthy – just add fresh lemon, olive oil and a little garlic.

Here are some healthy barbecue recipes to inspire you!

Grilled Halibut & Chard with Gremolata Topping
Grilled Asian Salad
Tikka Masala Yogurt Sauce

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada