Things I should already know

  Last week web editor Kat Tancock blogged about what she learned from Booty Camp Fitness. And that got me


Last week web editor Kat Tancock blogged about what she learned from Booty Camp Fitness. And that got me thinking about things I already know and, thankfully, the boot camp gave me a few gentle reminders.


  1. The first class is the hardest. Half way through the initial session, I had to pull myself out. I got dizzy and need a short break. But that always happens to me when I start a new workout program. I just have to trust my body and do what it tells me. While I won’t say that the classes that followed were easier, but I was better able to handle them. Here’s how I now get more out of my workouts.
  2. I need to eat more frequently and cut back the calories at night. We were required to write a food journal, and I knew the feedback I was going to get. Here’s another reminder of what healthy people really eat.
  3. Exercise form is more important than speed. I’m the slow kid at the back. But that’s alright with me. I notice faster gains this way. Here are some other tips for avoiding injuries.
  4. I need more cardio. I’m a lifter, not a jogger. I like getting stronger, so muscle-targeting exercises are more fun for me than running laps at a park. Not a fan of cardio, but I do it because I should. In addition to fat-burning, here’s another reason for cardio activity and some motivation tricks.
  5. I love challenging myself. I’m not one for going-through-the-motions-type of fitness. That ends up giving me an excuse to skip classes. To be motivated, I need an activity that whips me, literally, into shape. So that’s why I really enjoyed boot camp. Here’s a short list of what types of fitness programs I’ve tried and liked. Let me know if you have any more ideas for me.


A cool thing I did learn from this: When training with groups, go to the class when things like weather, work or holidays get in the way. Less people show up and you get more attention from the instructor, which means a more personalized workout.

Just wondering though, do you need reminders? What do you do to keep yourself on track?