The ultimate guide to yoga

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or trying the practice for the first time, our ultimate guide to yoga will help you get the most out of your experience

The ultimate guide to yoga

Yoga and your health

5 reasons to try yoga this year
Whether you’re new to the practice or trying to get back into it, here are five reasons to get on the mat

3 health benefits of yoga
Studies show that practising yoga can improve your health in several ways. Here’s what yoga can do for you

The benefits of AntiGravity Yoga
AntiGravity Yoga is a hot new fitness trend making its way across Canada. Find out what it is and whether it’s right for you

The benefits of hot yoga
Hot yoga’whether it’s Bikram, Moksha or an independently run studio’has become hugely popular across North America. Find out what it is, how to prepare and whether it’s right for you

Yoga helps breast-cancer patients heal
How one Toronto-based yoga program helps women get through breast cancer’in part thanks to fundraiser Yoga in Motion

Yoga retreats benefit mind, body and soul
Looking for a relaxing vacation idea? Find out if a yoga retreat is the right holiday choice for you

Getting started

Yoga for beginners
Yoga has many physical, spiritual and mental benefits, and virtually no barriers to entry. Celebrated instructor Eoin Finn shares his advice on yoga for beginners, including how to prepare for your first class

3 yoga poses for beginners
New to yoga? These three yoga positions are great for beginners to try

Beyond the basics

3 soothing yoga moves
Relieve stress and improve your mood with these three yoga moves

8 yoga moves to boost your energy
Our tailored yoga workout is an amazing way to gain strength and look toned. The bonus? This eight-move routine will boost your energy

Yoga pose of the month: Ease back tension with Standing Tabletop
The standing tabletop pose with alternate leg crosses is a simple, effective and easy way to loosen residual or chronic tightness or tension in your entire back, especially the lower back.

Stretch your hips with Standing Pigeon
Standing Pigeon is a deep hip stretch that can produce intense sensations, but it’s a gem that gets right to the nitty-gritty. The pose also stretches the back, shoulders, knees and ankles

Is yoga teacher training right for you?
Thinking about becoming a yoga teacher or getting yoga instructor certification? Find out if yoga teacher training is the right choice for you

The Pigeon Pose
It’s said that the yogis do 108 sun salutations each day. That must make them feel beyond great. But I’m guessing that they’re also not driving to the mall to exchange clothes at the Gap, making three separate lunches, taking their kids to the dentist…

Yoga stories from Best Health readers

"How we fell in love with hot yoga."
How one Toronto couple learned to love sweating in their local Bikram hot yoga studio

How hot yoga helps my running
I love to run’but sometimes, my body protests, especially as I increase my mileage. My personal issue is with my hip flexors and the other muscles in the area…

Toronto: My favourite yoga studios
After sampling many teachers and countless classes in yoga studios across Toronto, I’ve come up with a few favourites. Here are my top five

"I beat anxiety with yoga."
One woman’s triumph over depression, a breast-cancer scare and infidelity

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